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Black Garlic Honey

If this tastes anything like the Black Garlic I had at the food expo, I don’t recommend this honey. Obviously this isn’t like orange blossom honey, or lilac honey, where the honey is actually flavored differently because of the different pollens the bees used to create it.

Black garlic doesn’t occur in nature naturally (and doesn’t have pollens – it’s a root) even if it is “all-natural”. Garlic is fermented for a month or so that it turns black, creating black garlic. So I’m guessing they create an extract from the black garlic which is then added to the honey.

What does Black Garlic taste like? (follow the link for more)

by Lily – (aka Lunalil of Funk Seoul Sister)

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  1. Therese Mac Seain says:


    I ate black garlic at a festival

    It was good the initial taste was of liquorish but the after taste was a little strange. Interesting

  2. Daniel Gray says:

    Lily, Great Find! I’ve had the drink and I’m not a big fan. I think someone should make a vampire movie and use this as a weapon.


  3. Munkhjargal Dashdorj says:

    I am from uk, I was wondering does anyone know how to get hold of the honey with black garlic online, very urgent! Thanks

    1. Jessica Rhee says:

      My family is in the process of starting a small business selling hard-to-find health products. My Korean mother makes high quality honeyed black garlic (dried and non-dried) as well as the liquid honey that is drained from the process of producing the black garlic. Like the blogger Lily has written, black honeyed garlic has a distinct and bitter taste which may not be suitable for use in cooking, but used medicinally will promote energy and health.

      If you are still in need of any of these products, please email me at [email protected]