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Food Tour in London with Mind the Gap in London











I had an epic food day. I mean I don’t ever think I have ever eaten so much. I took two food tours in one day. One was with Mind the Gap Tours in the morning starting at 930am and then I took a food tour with the Chowzter group.

First I took a tour with Mind the Gap. I made a very last minute booking in the morning because I didn’t know what was scheduled for the day. I took a 20 pound taxi ride from my hotel to Brixton Station to start. I love the taxis here and it is a great way to see the city. If I had time to take the underground I would have, but I couldn’t that morning.

I met the group at Brixton Station at 930am and there was a very cheerful group of 10 others. Most were locals, while 4 of us were from overseas: 3 americans (including me) and a person from Singapore. Our guide (shucks, I can’t recall her name) started us out with introductions and an overview of the area. We had some tastings on the street. The first bite was a Jamacian salt cod sandwich and a cup of Guinness punch to wash this down. The guinness punch was epic. It had sweetened condensed milk, guinness and other goodness. It is definitely better than coffee in the morning.

We then had an epic egg custard tart at a nearby bakery and then took a stroll through the Brixton Market and learned about the history. I learned that Van Gogh was a resident in the area and that they have their own type of currency in the area. Our guide was very informative and knowledgable. We had a few more little tastings before having a sitdown at Salon where we had local cheeses and charcuteries with some espresso stout and ginger ale. We then took a double decker bus to another market: Borough Market. This market was amazing and I loved the food there. For the tasting we had a chorizo sandwich and I learned that in the market they filled popular movies like Harry Potter, Bridget Jones Diary and Load, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.

It was a good morning and I learned a lot. Both markets are worth going to and having a guide introduce them made it much more memorable.


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North Korean DMZ Tour Offerings for April-June 2013


Here is our DMZ schedule offerings for April, May and June. Our company, O’ngo Food Communications does not operate these tours ourselves, but they are run by our trusted tour partners. Actually, there are only two tour companies that are allowed to run DMZ tours in Korea. Now as a licensed tour company we can offer the tours to you. Our tours conveniently start and finish at the Lotte Hotel in Myeongdong. See below for the schedule and for the sign-up form.


Download the brochure here:

DMZ Tours 2012-2013

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 11.21.08 AM Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 11.21.17 AM Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 11.21.26 AM

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What can you expect to see in 10 days in Korea?







All this and more. In December, Our Korea Travel Team at O’ngo was lucky enough to take two ladies, Kim and Jan, on a 10-day cultural and culinary tour of Korea. These ladies were discerning and well-traveled. They were looking for a trip that was culturally insightful, exciting, spiritual, and would show them the real Korea from the time they landed until they left. One lady was focused more on the culinary aspects of Korea and the other more the spiritual. Our team worked hard to take the, on a whirlwind journey of Korea.

To give you a glimpse of what we did here is a diary write up I did for them from our time from Busan.

We took the bus from Andong to Busan and arrived in Nopodong. We then checked in at Ibis Hotel and then went over to Tong Market where we tried a variety if different street foods such as dried squid (marun ojingo), chicken on a stick (dak gochi), candied fruit, and tornado potatoe. We then went to Art Box to do a bit of shopping before heading over to Jalgalchi Market to see the people selling the day’s catch. We then visited Taejongdae Lighthouse. Afterwards we went over to the beach to have grilled shellfish.

The next day we went to a traditional market to have a breakfast of black pudding hangover soup (twegi sunji haejangguk), banquet noodles (chanchi guksu) and pumpkin porridge (hobak juk). Later we went to Starbucks for coffee before departing Busan for Gyeongju on the KTX super fast train.

Once we arrived in Gyeongju we met Mr. Ahn who drove us to Golgusa Temple. Before arriving at the temple we had some pork dumplings at a car stop.

At the temple we had lunch before checking in and then going to see a Sunmudo demonstration and learning about meditation. Afterwards we had dinner and then went to orientation. In the evening there was an evening meditation and then we did Sunmudo training.

In the morning we woke up at 4am and went to morning chant at Golgusa Temple. At 6 we met our driver and came to meet us. At the train station we got apple cinnamon pretzel and a tortilla pizza that had chicken and cheese and tomato sauce. We are now on our way to Seoul to go back to Fraser Suites and then have lunch at contemporary restaurant jungsikdang. Thank you for choosing to travel with us

O’ngo Food Communications

Daniel Gray
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Hear me Speak at the BASS Meeting (British Association of Seoul) on Tuesday at 10am

Daniel Gray

Hi Seoul Eats Readers,

If you are available on Tuesday at 10am, I’ll be speaking at the British Association of Seoul meeting about introducing Korean food through storytelling. The meeting will be in the Hallasan Room at the Seoul Club. More information below and on their website:

Date: Tuesday, 23 October, 2012 – 10:00 – 12:00
Venue: The Seoul Club, Hallasan Room
Cost: 10,000 KRW Members / 14,000 KRW Non-members
Join us for our regular monthly meeting. This month, for all you foodies out there, we have invited Dan Gray from O’ngo Foods to speak to us about ‘Korean culture through the cuisine.’ Check out his biography below:

Daniel Gray was adopted when he was five years old and went to live in the state of Delaware in the United States. Growing up, he would often remember a chilled cucumber and seaweed soup that his birth mother would make. In 2007, he was reunited with his birthmother and their reunion was something both felt was inevitable. Both are avid foodies. Daniel introduced his mother to red wine and cheese and she reintroduced to all the foods he had missed- including the chilled, cucumber and seaweed soup. He is currently the marketing manager and head of tours/events at O’ngo Food Communications (www.ongofood.com). He got his start in food on his own food blog, Seoul Eats. He is currently writing a Korean food comic.


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Address: 서울특별시 중구 장충동2가 208  Seoul, Jung-gu Jangchungdong 2-ga 208

Phone Number: 02-2238-7666


The Club is easily accessible by subway, bus, bike, car or on foot. A Membership number is required to enter the building.

By Subway
For those taking subway, one station is about a 10-minute walk from the Club:
Dongguk University Station on the 3 Orange Line (Exit 6)

By Bus
Bus route No 02, 03, 05(yellow), 420(blue) can be taken from Dongguk University or Dongdaemun stadium stations to the National Theater of Korea stop.

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Hi Mom, I’m in Korea: Inwangsan Mountain




Hi Mom,

I’m in Korea. Yesterday was a fun day. I went up Inwangsan Mountain in Seoul. It’s the mountain that is behind the Gyeongbukgung Palace and the Blue House. The Blue House is where the president of Korea lives. The hike was a long one. It took a good hour to get up to the top and I got winded a couple of times but the view from the top was majestic. Yesterday was a beautiful clear day and you could see the entire city. It was amazing from up there.

The mountain is considered by many to be a sacred mountain and many people that live in Korea wish to have their windows face that mountain. They say that one of the rocks there looks like the Sanshin or Mountain god. It looked just like a big rock to me, but I guess from a distance it could look like a rock god.

Don’t worry mom, I didn’t get hurt. I took water. I actually got to climb the mountain with an experiences mountaineer. He is going to climb a big rock in Nepal for 3 weeks. (Yeah, that sounds like a fun vacation to me as well.)

Love you Mom,

Come visit me soon,


For more info on Inwangsan: