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Come Out and Join Me at Brew 3.14π Specials for Seoul Eats Readers

Dear Seoul Eats Readers,

Ever since I was young I have wanted to own a restaurant of my own where I could host guests, chat with them about life, the world, and the comical. I used to do this in the past in my various apartments but since the size of most Korean apartments are quite small, I decided to save up and start a beer bistro in Korea. I decided to put a query out on facebook and my friend Patrick said that he wanted to start a bistro as well so we partnered up and then started. We originally wanted to do a British Pub concept and serve meat pies and black stout stews. Testing these out for a while, it didn’t quite work and our Korean guests said they were too…greasy. So we changed the concept and went for calzones. These did ok, but then we decided to offer pizzas and calzones because who doesn’t love pizzas. This is a starter restaurant for me. It is a hobby and my passion. I am very proud of our team, our food, and our drinks. It’s a cozy little bar over by Insadong near my other company and my home. I would like to invite old friends, new friends, readers of Seoul Eats, and travellers to my bar. Also, if you mention you saw this post on Seoul Eats Blog. The password is: Rebel Decatur (that’s my porn star name…you know you take the name of your first pet and the name of the first road you lived on) and we’ll give you 10% off your bill.

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Opening a Restaurant in Korea Part 2: The Neighbors

So…the doors have opened and we have had customers visit Brew 3.14π. Strangely though you never know what is going to happen until you open the doors. Construction takes a while and you can’t really do anything until you start. Luckily, we had a good team of people to come and do the construction. It is also quite fun and our group all participated in putting the place together. There were little mistakes that we had to fix and all, but I really liked the idea of getting my hands dirty and building something.

Everyday we were working, all the neighbors would stop in and look. Most of the times they just glanced and walked away. Others would poke their heads in and ask what we were doing. The landlord was a frequent visitor because she was very curious about what was happening to her building. I don’t think she expected to get tenants like us because her little first floor shop was now something very different than what she expected. I think she thought we were building a little cafe but instead we were building a craft beer pub that focuses on pizzas. I mean there wasn’t much she could do because we signed the lease for two years and paid our rent. Our landlord is a bit scary I have to say, but I hope we will win her over.

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Event: Beataewon at Full Moon

If you are looking for a good time on Thursday Nights, then check out Full Moon. From 9-10pm they have free drinks. Yep, they have an open bar from 9-10pm. They also have some great DJs like DJ Kevin Boyd and Guyvr. Check it out.

Disclaimer: This was sent from a friend who asked me to share this with the readers of Seoul Eats. Seoul Eats did not receive any compensation.
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Toucan Chicken Cafe Revisited

I went to Toucan last night on Gyeongnidan Street. I had been there a long time ago and I thought it was ok, but I was a bit turned odd because the chef told me that the chicken wasn’t very good that day because he was sick. It didn’t give me much confidence in the food and it made me worried about eating there.

This time around I didn’t have to worry absolutely that (or at least I hope). When we got there on the Saturday night the place was packed and we had a 15 minute wait. There isn’t a hostess to wait on you or anything and you just line up and wait and the staff sits you as seats come available. There is no table service either so you have to order at the counter. They will bring the food to table at least.

The food is good. The chicken is flavorful but it seems more like the sauce is poured on the chicken just before baking in the oven. I feel they could have improved the flavor by either brining it or marinating it in the sauce.

The jerk sauce does taste reminiscent of jerk seasoning but I can’t say it was as authentic as I had in Jamaica. Also, they served this was a USA BBQ sauce. It didn’t really pair well. It is a decent attempt. The orange chicken was a little sweet but the sauce was ok. I liked the fried garlic chips on the orange chicken. This was served with an apple sauce-like sauce which was good. The best part were the thin and crisp potato chips. I could eat them all day.


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My Ode to Cheese: Wine Buffet at Bar Rouge at JW Marriot Hotel





Oh, Cheese, how I love to cut you.
The stinker and riper the better.

Oh, Cheese, how I love to pair you.
Dried fruits, hard nuts, and cured meats are your perfect bedfellows (a cracker just seems so plebeian)

Oh, Cheese, how I love to wine you.
You are so cosmopolitan and you are fine mingling with Italians, Australians, Africans, French, and Americans.

Oh, Cheese, lets stay together forever.
Lets see each other at every meal and every snack time. Lets make little cheese babies and help them mature into pillars of modern society.

Cheese, thank you for showing me a new world.
Thank you for just being cheese.
You complete me.