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Toucan Chicken Cafe Revisited

I went to Toucan last night on Gyeongnidan Street. I had been there a long time ago and I thought it was ok, but I was a bit turned odd because the chef told me that the chicken wasn’t very good that day because he was sick. It didn’t give me much confidence in the food and it made me worried about eating there.

This time around I didn’t have to worry absolutely that (or at least I hope). When we got there on the Saturday night the place was packed and we had a 15 minute wait. There isn’t a hostess to wait on you or anything and you just line up and wait and the staff sits you as seats come available. There is no table service either so you have to order at the counter. They will bring the food to table at least.

The food is good. The chicken is flavorful but it seems more like the sauce is poured on the chicken just before baking in the oven. I feel they could have improved the flavor by either brining it or marinating it in the sauce.

The jerk sauce does taste reminiscent of jerk seasoning but I can’t say it was as authentic as I had in Jamaica. Also, they served this was a USA BBQ sauce. It didn’t really pair well. It is a decent attempt. The orange chicken was a little sweet but the sauce was ok. I liked the fried garlic chips on the orange chicken. This was served with an apple sauce-like sauce which was good. The best part were the thin and crisp potato chips. I could eat them all day.


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Have you been to Le Saint Ex.

I am very interested in hearing what you have to say about this restaurant. I have been here main times and I have written reviews on it for various publications but my reviews are not timeless. With out new review plugin you can write your own review. Here are some pics that I took tonight. Tell me what you think.

Le Saint-Ex

119-28 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Friday hours 12:00 pm–3:00 pm, 6:00 pm–10:00 pm



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The brunch page
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Guest Review: The Page for Brunch

The brunch page










A little while ago we discovered that just across from our work in Bangbae-dong there is a cute little brunch restaurant. Although, its not so little, its actually over 3 floors with a gallery at the top! I’m always looking for new places to brunch so one Friday we decided to go to work a little early and hit this place up.

The industrial style space is decorated with art and has a cool warehouse vibe. It was really busy when we ventured there at lunchtime. They have a menu of around 10 brunch options that can be purchased in a set with an americano. Perfect for those ladies that lunch, and lunch they did, this place was heaving. The food was of western style but designed to please the Korean palette.


We opted for a Mandarin Salad. It was huge. The chicken was well cooked and very tasty. There was lots of fruit and it was very refreshing, although a smaller amount of salad would have been better. Overall it was very nice, a good summertime option.


We also had the eggs English style. An English muffin topped with a fried egg, spicy bulgogi, and a side of potatoes and salad. It was actually pretty good.


I wouldn’t travel across Seoul to go out of my way to come here, but the food was reasonable and it’s a cool place. If you live in the area I would say it’s worth a visit.

The Brunch Page is located at 796-27 Bangbae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Naebang station(line number 7) and come out exit 7. Walk straight until you pass the BMW dealership and make a right. The page is a few meters up on the left opposite Gastro Pub. The nearest bus stop is 22-222. You can call them on  02 536 5961 for more information. They also have valet parking.



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Guest Post: Pizza Peel








Whenever I go on a trip I always look on Trip Advisor to find great places to eat. However I rarely do this in my home city of Seoul. Last week I finally decided to have a gander and see what was rated as Seoul’s best restaurant. First place goes to Jyoti, an Indian place in Sinchon. Second was Pizza Peel. The reviews seemed great as it is one of the few places in Seoul with a real brick oven.

We arrived on a Friday night and it wasn’t too busy, a few tables were taken. A large menu consisting of pizza and calzone options. There is a very good variety of pizzas, the hard to find Hawaiian is no doubt a popular choice. They have all the ones you miss from back home and not a sweet potato or piece of corn in site. You can also create your own if you don’t fancy any of the ones on the menu.

Being a Friday we opted for a pizza each. I opted for the White, which is spinach, ricotta, mozzarella and olive oil for 15,500.  This pizza was fresh and delicious. The topping was great and just what I wanted. The base was perfection. You really can’t beat a brick oven for cooking pizza. I hope to have one in my dream home one day.


Niall chose the Pesto Chicken, which is pesto, chicken, feta, onion and mozzarella  for 18,500. This one was pretty tasty too, it was reminiscent of my favorite chicken, pesto and mozzarella sandwich at Indigo. I would have liked to have tried one of the tomato based pizzas too, but felt ordering three pizzas for two people might be going a bit far. The pizzas are of a good size and you can be more than satisfied with half each. If you are greedy like us and order too much then you can take your leftovers home in a box.


They also serve beer and wine, hurray! Draft Cass is 3,000 a pint and comes in frosted mug which is always a treat. If you’re a classy kind of bird then a glass of wine is priced at 6,500. They also have various craft and imported bottle beers.

All in all is Pizza Peel the 2nd best restaurant in Seoul? Probably not, is it the best pizza in Seoul? For me, no. Is the best Pizza in Itaewon,? Hell yeah! Authentically baked and traditional flavours, I can definitely recommend you head to Pizza Peel next time you have a craving for real pizza.

Pizza Peel is located at 34-65 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. From Noksapyeong station, walk straight from exit 3 to the intersection adjacent to the overpass. After crossing both streets to reach the main Itaewon strip, walk straight in the direction of Itaewon station. The Alley Marketplace entrance is located next to the Rottiboy Cafe, and the Pizza Peel is about 15 metres in.

From Itaewon station, walk straight from exit 4 for about 600 meters. The Alley Marketplace entrance is located next to the Rottiboy Cafe (past the McDonald’s and Starbucks), and the Pizza Peel is about 15 meters in. You can call them on 02-795-3283 or check out the menu on their Facebook page for more details.

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Guest Post: Itaewon Kebap Challenge


Here is a guest post from A Fat Girl’s Food Guide written and photographed by the fabulous Gemma. It has been reprinted with permission. Be sure to check our her great cooking and eating tips.

Thanks Gemma,


Last weekend I decided to put my powers of eating to good use and discover where to get Itaewon’s best kebab. I like to think of myself as quite the kebab connoisseur. They all taste different depending where in the world you buy them but they are all generally the same. I have sampled every Kebab in town on numerous occasions. My record for one night was 5. Though this was over many hours in case you’re turning away in disgust at my gluttony.

To make things fair I ordered the same kebab at every venue. A chicken kebab with everything, a little spicy with extra white sauce. God how I love the kebab white sauce, I could take a bath in it! I was hoping that I would have 5 venues to choose from but Pasha closed down. This was actually my least favourite kebab venue anyway, having only been there once and I had vowed never to return .

The contenders were Mr Kebab, Ankara Picnic, Sultan and the street kebabs.

Street Kebab


First up was the street kebab. There are various vans that tend to set up shop on Friday and Saturday night just on the main crossing in Itaewon by exits 1 and 4. Their kebabs are the most expensive at 5,000 for a chicken and a whopping 6,000 for lamb. I used to be rather fond of the street ones but this was quite a poor offering. The meat was cold and it was also rather thin. They do get bonus points for the spicy potatoes they included. But overall this one wasn’t great, but the quality can vary from van to van. I assume I’m very drunk when I am usually buying these.

025 026

Ankara Picnic


Next stop was Ankara Picnic. They are located just by exit 3 of Itaewon station.  Their chicken kebab cost 4,000 and a lamb kebab is 5,000. They were very generous with their tasty white sauce. They also included tomatoes which really helped balance the ingredients. They were very busy though and I had to wait a good ten minutes before getting served. They have seating for about 8 people and serve soft drinks.

016 017

Mr. Kebab


Mr kebab has two locations in Itaewon but I visited the branch next to Dunkin Donuts. They also have a branch in Songtan. You find information on all their stores on their website. This kebab was a good size and well filled. However when I unwrapped it to take a picture it unravelled. The meat in this one definitely had the best flavour. The white sauce was also really good and there was plenty of salad. They have now started including potato wedges in the kebab which I’m not sure if I love or not. This location is the biggest with seating for 20-30 and they have a bathroom! Always good after a few too many drinks. They have a wide selection of kebabs, pilafs, drinks, ice-cream, and desserts. They also have a loyalty card which gets you a free kebab for every 11 that you buy.

021 022

Sultan Kebab


Last up is Sultan Kebab located near exit 3 around the corner from Ankara picnic, in the little alley way just next to Taco Bell.  Their prices are the cheapest in town with 4,000 for a chicken and 4,500 for lamb. It was also the largest kebab I was given. Usually Sultan Kebab is my favourite but this one was just lacking a little in flavour compared to Mr. Kebab. There were no tomatoes which I think affected the taste. They too serve a variety of kebabs, drinks,  ice cream, and baklava.  They have seating for 10 people and once again have a loyalty card which gets you a free one for every 10 you buy.

018 020

Overall on this occasion first place had to go to Mr Kebab! It had the best flavour of all, it’s cheap and they have a loyalty card and a loo. What more could you want? Second place I am giving to Sultan Kebab. Ankara’s kebab was slightly better, but there wasn’t much in it. The queue is always much smaller at Sultan Kebab and they have a loyalty card which makes it better in my book. Fourth place was the kebab on the street, they are too expensive and have no drinks or facilities. Where’s your favourite kebab?