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Food news from all over the world, particularly in Seoul, South Korea.

So…freaking angry right now…I want to Hulk out at Google Korea

I so want to hulk out right now because Google Korea doesn’t make any sense. IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE! In order to pay for google adwords, you have to use IE6 with active x using a windows XP machine. WTF. Is this 2005? Actually, I gave up on Google Adwords years ago because of this […]

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Sourdough Bread Starter Day 3: Bubble Bubble


It’s alive! I am so proud. It is bubbling and yeasty and has a acidic, vinegary taste (yes, I tasted it) in two more days my starter should be strong enough to make some great bread and pizza doughs ( I have plans for you my pretty). Like I had mentioned before, it is easy […]

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Daily Delights in Dongdaemu


Daily Delights Shopping day in Dongdaemun Breakfast: Waffles and Coffee at Beans Bin If you are going to climb the epic shopping mountain of Dondaemun, them you have to get a hearty breakfast with lots of coffee. Beans Bin coffee in the shopping complex of Doota is a great first spot. They have freshly made […]

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Samgyeopsal: Daniel Gray’s Korean Food Story


For many Koreans, from common laborers to the upper-class, the perfect evening out with friends involves sizzling grilled pork belly in a bustling restaurant over good conversation and many shots of Korean alcohol called soju. In Korea, pork is the primary meat and the most popular cut is the belly called samgyeopsal. Samgyeopsal means 3 […]

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Live blog: Insadong Sujebi


This place is located in one of the little side streets of Insadong. The place is pretty popular. We got there about 1145 and it was already pretty full. By the time we left there was a line 10 people deep. The place is famous for their Sujebi which are handmade flour dumplings in an […]

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