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Koreazy Korean Pizzas with Ribs and Egg Rim







You just gotta love crazy competitiveness between the pizza companies to add more and more ostentatious toppings in order to create a sense of value for their consumers. I guess it is the only way for the big pizza shops to create higher margins (these pizzas go for 30-40 usd a pie). These calorie bombs look interesting but I am on a diet these days so I am not willing to waste a day of working out for a pizza topped with ribs, mayonnaise, different types of cheese and a steamed egg crust. I guess the way that Koreans eat though one pizza would feed 8, because of the family-style way of eating. (In my house we would order 2 giant pizzas and wings and breadsticks and soda to feed our family of 5.)

Anyway, I was passing by Mr. Pizza to see their new pizza offerings. Their new pizza is the “Eggta” which is a like a egg tart in a pizza. The rim is streamed egg and below that they have lots of cheese like a Chicago deep dish and then it is topped with “real steak,” potatoes, Brie cheese and veggies. Yeah. Heart attack.

They have others such as the Ohmy Rib which is pizza topped with ribs.

Not to be outdone, Pizza Hut has the “Crown Pocket” which has a sweet potatoe crust topped with a dollop of cream cheese.

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Toucan Chicken Cafe Revisited

I went to Toucan last night on Gyeongnidan Street. I had been there a long time ago and I thought it was ok, but I was a bit turned odd because the chef told me that the chicken wasn’t very good that day because he was sick. It didn’t give me much confidence in the food and it made me worried about eating there.

This time around I didn’t have to worry absolutely that (or at least I hope). When we got there on the Saturday night the place was packed and we had a 15 minute wait. There isn’t a hostess to wait on you or anything and you just line up and wait and the staff sits you as seats come available. There is no table service either so you have to order at the counter. They will bring the food to table at least.

The food is good. The chicken is flavorful but it seems more like the sauce is poured on the chicken just before baking in the oven. I feel they could have improved the flavor by either brining it or marinating it in the sauce.

The jerk sauce does taste reminiscent of jerk seasoning but I can’t say it was as authentic as I had in Jamaica. Also, they served this was a USA BBQ sauce. It didn’t really pair well. It is a decent attempt. The orange chicken was a little sweet but the sauce was ok. I liked the fried garlic chips on the orange chicken. This was served with an apple sauce-like sauce which was good. The best part were the thin and crisp potato chips. I could eat them all day.


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Guest Post: Conveyor-Belt Sushi in Gangnam–You’ll Never want to Leave!

Here is another Guest Review. This one is written by Bigskyseoul from the blog C.R.E.A.M . If you would like to write a guest review go here.

Thanks Big Sky for the Review,

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“Gangnam is full of illustrious restaurants to fit any appetite, but if you’re in the mood for sushi (and come on, why wouldn’t you be?) then get on the waiting list at 갓덴스시.

As you take exit 12 from Gangnam station walk only a few dozen feet to find 갓덴스시 on your left, just up some stairs. You might have to put your name on a waiting list as the place has a solid following. Trust me though, it is worth the wait.

Take a seat at one of the many tables adjacent to the conveyor belt and wait until you see something tantalizing pass by. It won’t be long. Glance across the room to see others on a sushi treasure hunt, trying to distinguish the name of what’s passing them by on the large color menu.

After sampling a wide range of various sushi it was clear that everything, yes everything, was delicious. If you have your eye on something you’ve seen on the menu but doesn’t seem to be making it’s track around the restaurant, no worries, just request it from one of the many sushi chefs.

Two personal favorites had to be the Seared Beef as well as the Shrimp Tempura Roll (which we had to request).

You can order sake by the bottle as well if you’re looking to get your drink on with your sushi.

In a word–indulge. Your taste buds will be in sushi heaven. The price is more than reasonable. Focus more on your food than your wallet.

**** 4 Stars: Recommended: A place you would recommend your close friends

Price: $$$ 20-80 USD

Address: 갓덴스시 (Gatten Sushi) “822-4 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul,

Phone: +82 2 2051 1477


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The brunch page
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Guest Review: The Page for Brunch

The brunch page










A little while ago we discovered that just across from our work in Bangbae-dong there is a cute little brunch restaurant. Although, its not so little, its actually over 3 floors with a gallery at the top! I’m always looking for new places to brunch so one Friday we decided to go to work a little early and hit this place up.

The industrial style space is decorated with art and has a cool warehouse vibe. It was really busy when we ventured there at lunchtime. They have a menu of around 10 brunch options that can be purchased in a set with an americano. Perfect for those ladies that lunch, and lunch they did, this place was heaving. The food was of western style but designed to please the Korean palette.


We opted for a Mandarin Salad. It was huge. The chicken was well cooked and very tasty. There was lots of fruit and it was very refreshing, although a smaller amount of salad would have been better. Overall it was very nice, a good summertime option.


We also had the eggs English style. An English muffin topped with a fried egg, spicy bulgogi, and a side of potatoes and salad. It was actually pretty good.


I wouldn’t travel across Seoul to go out of my way to come here, but the food was reasonable and it’s a cool place. If you live in the area I would say it’s worth a visit.

The Brunch Page is located at 796-27 Bangbae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul. To get there take a train to Naebang station(line number 7) and come out exit 7. Walk straight until you pass the BMW dealership and make a right. The page is a few meters up on the left opposite Gastro Pub. The nearest bus stop is 22-222. You can call them on  02 536 5961 for more information. They also have valet parking.



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How is Jyoti Restaurant #1 on Tripadvisor?


20130319-201252.jpg it

20130319-201303.jpg It makes you wonder how legit the rankings are because I am in an empty restaurant at 8pm on Wednesday Night that has 2 open cans of paint on the floor with a loud worker on his phone. There are about 8 tables that can sit four people each.


20130319-201648.jpg the food came out quickly and it was good. I got the veggie curry (7,000 won) and basmati rice (3,500 won).

20130319-202025.jpg I admit. The curry and rice is legit. They are very good. The rice is aromatic cooked perfectly and worth the 3,500 won. The curry is thick, buttery and with rich flavor.


My meal is finished has I am waiting to see how long they will let me seat before asking if I would like a desser or tea. I would like milk tea (1,500 won) 3 minutes, 4 minutes, 5 minutes… Eventually I just ask for them to come here. The tea is good but I don’t think it deserves to be the number 1 restaurant in Korea. My pick would be Jungsikdang.

Jyoti Indian restaurant
1.5 stars (good food, good price, service could be improved.)

Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea, 118 Sinchon-ro