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My Journey to and Back from America in 1 day

America to me is the home of open space, cars, diversity, and meat. Lots of meat. Last night as part of the Les Toques Blanches organization, I was lucky enough to dine at the Dragon Hill Lodge at the Yongsan Military Base. I had a signature microbrew beer to go with some beef tacos and nachos. For my main (s), i had ribs smothered in house BBQ sauce, pulled pork, roast beef and macaroni and cheese (you know, American veggies). This was amazing and for dessert I had German Chocolate cake, homemade vanilla ice cream (with sprinkles) and Oreo cheesecake. It was epic.






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Farmer’s Breakfast at Baker’s Table


After a long week of work, I woke up in hopes of a good brunch and a strong cup of coffee. Since my cupboards and refrigerator is always bare I usually go hungry or just go out. Luckily, I live near the Baker’s Table. It’s a cozy bakery and they make a European Style Breakfast. Today I had the Farmer’s Table: 2 eggs and crisp bacon over toast with hashbrowns and tomato (9,500 won). Good and Hearty and with coffee it made my Sunday a delight.

Find directions and more information here http://www.seouleats.com/restaurant-review/the-bakers-table/


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Food Specials at Le Saint Ex in Itaewon

Here are some food specials over at Le Saint Ex in Itaewon 20120512-140856.jpgAnyway, since you asked it to me a while ago, in case you are still interested, our specials of the week at Saint-Ex :
Specials for the week / spéciaux de la semaine / 이본주 스페셜 메뉴:

Soupe de petits pois
English peas creamy soup 9500W
그리미 완두콩 스프

Vol au vent de fruits de mer
Vol au vent pastry stuffed with creamy seafood 13500W
해산물 그림 스튜 들어간 파스츄리

Entrecôte grillée à l’echalotte et beurre vigneron, tomate grappe à la provencale et frites maison30000W
Ribeye steak with shallots and red wine butter, roasted vine tomatoes and home made French fries
샬롯과 와인 버터소스 등심 스테이크, 홈메이드 프렌치 프라이

Parillada de poissons grillés, légumes verts sautés, huile d’olive bio « Clemente » 29000w
Grilled fish assortment with sautéed green vegetables, cooked with “Clemente” organic olive oil
생선 모듬 구이, 클레멘테 유기농 올리브유로 구운 그린 야채

Central Seoul 2, Non-Korean Eats, Restaurant Reviews

Braai Republic







Living in such a cosmopolitan city as Seoul, you’ll occasional meet some loud, energetic South Africans. When they run into each other they all speak Afrikaans, which I presume is not really a language. I am just kidding (and I know my South African friends have a sense of humor). The thing I do know is that there is a love of food in South Africa and now there is a restaurant where you can try the food.

Braai Republic is located on the backside of Itaewon (behind on the McDonald’s) side and they specialize in South African barbecue. The sausages and meat pies are made in house and they have a good wine and beer selection to go along with them.

The place is homey and looks like a bar from the 80′s. There is a prominent zebra skin on one of the main walls and other South African memorabilia on the walls. Cricket was playing on the television while I was there and the place was comfortable.

I was there with Dustin and we ordered a bottle of Hazy View pinotage (20,000 won) which had a scarlet taste that was a bit of sweet and tannin. Great value for money and i could tell it would complement the barbecued meats. We ordered a barbecue dinner that had lamb chops, 2 sausages and sides and a chicken pot pie.

The friendly server (and sausage maker Roddy) talked to us to explain the food and we placed our order. The chef then started to grill it up. The nice thing was that we didn’t have to grill it ourselves (you would understand if you were in Korea) and they must have a decent vent system because it didn’t have an overly smokey smell.

The chicken pie is a decent size and filled with a creamy sauce with tender, shredded chicken. The crust was nice for most of it but there was a thick layer near the top that was a bit doughy. Good pie.

The lamb was barbecued right and it was chargrilled so it had nice crunch to the outside. The meat was medium rare near the bone which was fine for me. The meat went very well with their homemade sweet onion, garam masala marmalade. The onion marmalade went well with everything actually. I think they should package it and sell it. The sausages were brilliant. Made with real lamb casings, the sausages tasted authentic. The meat inside was flavorful and with good texture, unlike the store bought sausages that have a texture like bubble gum. The sides that came with the dish (I believe spinach and cole slaw) were ok as well.

To finish off our meal we had some homemade cheese cake with caramel topping.

Wow. They told me it was made by a south African home chef and I was floored. The crust was snappy and the cheesecake velvety. The topping was artistically swirled on top. It was heavenly and I think would make people rethink calling some cheesecakes “NY Style.”

Overall, an excellent meal. One that I will be revisiting soon.


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Craftworks menu

This year I will be focusing more on content that you can use. My goal is to empower my readers and let you make the decisions. I am still getting used to the switch to WordPress so please be patient. However, from what I have seen so far of the platform, I really like it. I learning a lot more about coding. Anywho, my here is the Craftworks Menu. This is a place with great beer and decent food. I got the munster cheese sliders (10,000 won) I thought that two would be too small, but these things are quite filling. I had one and my friend had the other and it was just right.