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Photoblog: Street Food By Michelle Min


These were photographs of street food by my friend Michelle Min. You can see her work over at Touch. Taste. Design Dduk Galbi (떡갈비) Hodduk (호떡) and yes, everyone eats it w/ that much intensityHappy family of fried corn dogsFried hot dog bun with loads of ketchup and mayoBulgogi stuffed bunRoasted pig Korean style (drool)The infamous […]

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Photoblog: 3 Muskateers and Jajamyeon


Korea is full of wonderful sights. It never ceases to amaze me. The food, the people, the landscape are fun to capture in photos. Here are some of my recent shots. The above shot of the soldiers is a perfect statement about brotherhood and nationalism. Here is a shot of Korean black noodles (jajamyeon). It […]

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Photography: Jeonju Green


I recently had a chance to spend my time in Jeonju for a project I was working on. In the early morning, the sun was just right and I had a chance to take some choice photographs. Here they are.   Enjoy,   Dan

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Photoblog: Recent shots: Seoul in June


This year’s summer in Korea had been pretty mild so far. It hasn’t been as hot or as humid as I remember in the past. Here are some of my recent favorite shots I have taken in and out of Seoul.

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Photoblog: Fashion Observations and Why Koreans don’t think I am Korean


Korean society is very fashion conscious. It is interesting to see the new trends in Korea because once they hit they can be seen all over. In my years here I have seen “jites ( Jean tights), Naengjanggo Pants (thin, colorful, billowing ‘MC Hammer’ pants referred to as refrigerator pants), chinos, pants and clothes cut […]

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