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WTF: Worst Food Ever at Kofoo Plate


Oh, Korea, you know that I love you. I love the down-home, authentic Korean food you serve. I love how you will share the whole gamut of flavors and cooking techniques in a single meal. When you make Korean Food. Yeah. Korean food in Korea is great. I mean really great. Sometimes other cuisines, not […]

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Don Charlie’s Case to be the Undisputed Mexican Food Champion in Korea


Seoulites are crazy passionate about their Mexican Food. A recent post of the Seouleats Facebook group set off a hailstorm of comments. In my last Mexican food review of Julios, I said I didn’t think the food was very authentic. Some people had differing opinions. I prefer flavorful Mexican food and I think I have […]

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Outdoor Namu: The Bistro


Located in the haughty Garusugil district, Outdoor Namu: The Bistro is another one of those restaurants that is trying to survive in the very competitive market. It has the elements to be successful and I hope it does survive. The interior is posh and has a “glamping feel,” the servers and staff are pretty and […]

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Twiga: Go for the Lamb, Stay for the Cheesecake


I was lucky enough to be invited to the South African restaurant Twiga by the owner. It is located behind the Crown Hotel and across from the Saudi Arabian Embassy. Located on the 5th floor, it doesn’t seem like a restaurant at all but a dinner party at a friend’s condo. On the evening, we […]

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Steamers Coffee Factory: Impressive Facilities with a Leaky Lid


I grew up in America and that means that I want my coffee early in the morning and not at 10am when it seems most Korean cafes like to open. I like to have my coffee a bit later on Sunday’s but I still want it before 8am. Steamers Coffee Factory has very impressive facilities. […]

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