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Chili Stress Reliever in Korea


  The chili pepper in South Korea is quite significant. Which is sort of strange since, it only came to Korea in the year 1580 because of the Portuguese missionaries. They had also been through Japan and China, but Korea really seemed to gravitate towards this new spicy flavor. Nowadays Korean food is known for […]

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Korean Food Story: Gom Tang (Bear Soup)

One must-eat soup in Korea is Gom Tang, which is a slowly marinated beef soup. For those that might be familiar with Korean words, gom also is the same word for bear. Don’t worry there is no bear meat in the soup. Gom in this case comes from the Korean word goeum which means fatty […]

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Korean Fried Chicken

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  There is a debate right now about Korean fried chicken. One group thinks it can be considered Korean food. The other group thinks that it is just western food. What do think about this? I believe that Korean fried chicken should be promoted as a Korean food because it is Korea’s unique food culture, […]

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Hanuso: Abalone Bibimbap


Hanuso During spring I am always on the search for fresh, crispy and nourishing bibimbap. Hanuso uses top quality ingredients to create dishes that will please the epicurean in you. Their Yukhwae (raw beef) bibmbap has fresh sprouts, various lettuces, julienned carrots and pears and more. With this you get clear beef soup, Korean vegetable […]

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Beans, Beans, Beans in Korea


Koreans call beans, ‘Meat from the fields.’ A long time ago, meat was a luxury that commoners rarely had a chance to eat. So instead of meat, Koreans cultivated a wide variety of beans to supplement their diet. Beans such as black beans and peanuts were often used to make banchan or side-dishes, but others […]

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