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I was told over by the man who ran the Samarikand that there are 17 locations all over Korea and the same family runs them all. The food is authentic and portions are hearty. You can get a giant, flaky pastry bread stuffed with savory lamb (Samsa) for only 3000 won. 2000 won gets you a hearty frisbee sized sesame roll (Lepeshka) and 6,000 won gets you a big bowl of Borsch. The entrees don’t cost all that much either. You can get cabbage rolls stuffed with meat (Golubtsy) for or, my favorite, fried lamb over french fries (Chiz-Biz) for only 7. And you can wash all this down with big Russian beers labeled 3, 6, and 9.

Directions: Go out Dongdaemun Stadium Station Exit 5 and walk until you see the 광교빌딩 and Woori bank. To the left is the A+ noraebahng, Samarakand is a few buildings before the A+ noraebahng.It is across the street and down an alley. Ask someone on the street. They all know where it is. (Thanks Paul for the update)

영진수산 (Yeong Jin Su San)
What recession? For 5,000 won you can usually go into any Korean restaurant and get a feast. This place is called 전짐회수산 and it is right down the street from the Institute for Korean Traditional Foods . If you want to find it just go to Jongno 3-ga (Lines #3,5) exit 7. Walk straight for a block and cross the street. You’ll see tanks with fish out front. The food is good. For lunch I just had the 알 탕 (Al Tang). This is a spicy fish soup that has fish eggs in it. It’s great on cold days. Now accompanying this main dish came a plethora of side dishes. I had some grilled mackerel, fried fish cake noodles, kimchi, two pieces of sushi, a spicy turnip kimchi. It’s just amazing I got all this for so little.

영진수산 (Yeong Jin Su San)
02 747 1868
서울시 종로구 묘동 139-1

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  • paul

    The directions to the Samarakand restaurant are wrong. First the name is not samarikant. Second one must get off at dongdaemun stadium station, not dongdaemun. After getting off at dongdaemun stadium, exit #5 and walk towards the woori bank. To the left is the A+ noraebahng, Samarakand is a few buildings before the A+ noraebahng. If you love lamb and crave something aside from kimchi, the food is good.

  • Daniel Gray

    Oops. It must have been late. I'll fix it.

  • paul

    No worries Dan! Thanks for posting. Wouldn't have known about the restaurant if not for your post.
    Good food and great atmosphere for a great price!

  • Ben

    your directions for the restaurants you review are frequently very UNdetailed. I work at KERIS right next to the Wooribank and have no idea where you're talking about.

    anyway, other than that, keep up the good work!

  • Juanita

    Went there yesterday and it was great!

    So, I tried following the directions that Paul gave and it was really difficult too. I ended up asking pretty much everyone on the street…

    Here are more directions if anyone else needs a different way:
    Right immediately when you step out of Exit 5
    Go straight through the little intersection
    Left into the first alley on your left (the alley is across from a love motel)
    Go straight, pass two more love motels
    The alley zigzags a bit, but you'll see it at the end of the alley.

    We got the Chiz-biz (funny because my nickname in college was Chiz–last name is Chisler) two Samsas and a small dumpling soup on the first page of the menu. It was so much food for just the two of us. I would recommend getting one Samsa because they are massive.

    Thanks for the review! It was nice having some variety :)

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