Fwd: Saint Patty’s day dinner

First of all, I am not going to do what I always do- which is to go
overboard on everything.  That being said, I’m having people over for
Saint Patty’s day on Saturday and I’m making stew.  Now the amount of
people I’m going to be able feed is…8 or 10 people.  I figure I need a
pot big enough for a lot of potatoes.

I think I’m going to make Guinness Stew, but Guinness is gosh darn
expensive in this country.  I would need about 2 cans which will come to
a minimum of 12 dollars.  It could cost me up to 15,000 won for both
cans.  Now aside from the novelty of the Guinness, it wouldn’t matter
much in or out.

Another issue is those that have picky diets.  My belief is that if it
tastes good, then one should eat it, but I’ve got two vegetarians coming
and possibly those that oppose anything cut from that wonderful
noncudchewing mammal the pig.  Don’t they get it?  BACON TASTES GOOD.

I could sneak a piece or two in it, but I would basically have to chop
it in a matter that makes it look like beef.

Now for the beef.  The amount of beef needed for this stew will take me
into the 30-40,000 won range.  This included with the price of the
vegetables, makes this one expensive stew.  I don’t know how to begin to
even say, "stewing beef" in Korean.  Knowing how I would be
interpretated by the Koreans, I might end up getting tripe or livers.

Sigh…what to do.  Good thing I’m getting paid this Friday.  I don’t
want to get into my American funds yet.  I’ll figure something out.  OH,
wait…I could use that Korean Stout instead.  A small solution has been


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Daniel Gray

Daniel Gray is a Korean adoptee and entrepreneur that returned to Korean in 2005 because he wanted to try and find his birth mother and to learn about Korean culture. He started a restaurant review blog in 2007, www.seouleats.com, that became a local and international hit. He and his blog has been featured in the New York Times, Monocle Magazine, The Kimchi Chronicles, Bizarre Foods, Rudy Maxa, Olive Magazine, Euronews and much more. He now is a partner at O’ngo Food Communications (www.ongofood.com), which is a culinary tourism and consulting company that offers Korean cooking classes and restaurant tours to travelers. In 2013, he started Brew 3.14 Pizza Pub. His food tours, cooking classes, and restaurant are ranked as some of the top attractions in Seoul according to the website tripadvisor. He lives in Korea with his wife.

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