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Get your Spam Box Sets for Chuseok

Chuseok is coming. This year it is September 21st to 23rd. I’ll be in Nova Scotia for a business conference there so I will miss how tranquil Seoul can be when everyone is out of the city. As Chuseok approaches, you’ll see more and more gift sets appearing for sale. The one that has always been my favorite (to see, not to receive) is the SPAM gift set. This year at E-mart, they are upping the premium-ness of SPAM and they are packaging this with Canola or grapeseed oil so Korean families can pan-fry their processed ham snacks with healthy oil. (It sounds a bit like having a diet coke with a big mac and supersized fries to me.) Anywho, be sure to give the gift of SPAM this holiday.

Spam and Canola Oil

Spam with Canola, Grapeseed, and Tuna Fish!!!

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  1. 40adventures says:

    Interesting. So what exactly is Chuseok holiday? What is celebrated? Just curious…

  2. Anonymous says:

    It's their harvest celebration which is like the US Thanksgiving holiday and it's really about four days long.

  3. CedarBough says:

    actually it's 3 days, and if you're lucky, it falls right before the weekend and gets extended that way, or if you're even luckier, your employer/school will decide to take off the entire week if it falls midweek as it has in 2010 (falling on Wednesday, it is a legal holiday t, w, th).

  4. […] However, the star of South Korea’s Chuseok lunar Thanksgiving festival, held recently in September, is none other than Spam. In fact, Spam is quite the status symbol of South Korea’s Thanksgiving holiday. South Korean stores even sell boxed sets around the lunar holiday. […]