Here are some pictures from Boracay^^

Greek Salad from Cyma

Lamb Chops from Cyma
Grilled White Snapper with lemon and herbs
Boracay Regency
Boracay Regency
Funny Sign
Filipino Street Food
You can even get patbingsu in boracay.
Tomato Salad from Paradiso Grill
Grilled Lobster with Lemon butter
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  • Alicia

    that lobster looks delicious! I stumbled upon your blog looking for the homepage of Eloquence. Could you possibly let me know how to get in touch with the publication? I’m interested in doing some writing while I’m living in Seoul.


  • Daniel Gray

    Alicia, thanks for the comment. What kind of writing were you thinking about? If you are interested in writing about food, restaurants or bars; you can contact me. If you are interested in writing for some of the other sections please e-mail Chris Sanders at [email protected]



  • Richard

    That lobster does look wonderful!

    The greek salad looks like it has a lot more toppings then lettuce…lol

    Overall all it looks great.

    Im coming back to the States in less than 2 weeks. Im going to be a bit busy moving, but once Im settled in I plan on starting a lot of cooking. Ive decided to make every dish on Maanghi’s website! I figure thats a start! lol

  • Cheri

    Dan, you should caption the fish photo…

    Snapper: “Eat me and we’ll see who get the last laugh.”

  • Chessbuff

    I hate to be the skunk in your garden party, but there is trouble in paradise.
    The dogs of Boracay are being slaughtered for the meat market, or eaten
    by the dogcatchers themselves. They operate with impunity with the tacit
    approval of the government, particularly the mayor. They impose a high
    and arbitrary fine on those owners desperate to get their dog back.
    It’s been a money-making racket for the dogcatchers. They behave like
    gods answerable to no one. They snare your dog even if it is within your
    property line. They will beat to death a stray dog on the beach even if people
    plead for their lives.

    There is no respect for private property. All these
    killings are done under the guise of a cleanliness program. But it is
    animal cruelty in its most brutal form. It’s a shame on Boracay. Help
    us put a stop to this practice. This is urgent. Please send an appeal
    to the Bureau of Animal Industry, and ask them to investigate and
    stop these killings. The dogcatchers are a violation of the Philippine Animal
    Welfare Act of 1998 and also the Anti-Rabies Act of 2007
    (Republic Act 9482). The ciizens of Boracay are asking for
    your help. Here is the information:

    Bureau of Animal Industry
    Visayas Avenue corner Elliptical Road, Diliman, Quezon City

    Metro Manila, Philippines
    Tel. No. (632) 928-1778 or (632) 928-2836
    Fax No. (632) 926-6866 or (632) 928-2177


    Phone: +632 927-0971; 926-6883
    Fax: +632 928-2429

    Thank you for your support. Salamat po sa tulong ninyo.

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