High End Restaurants?

I got an interesting request the other day. Some high profile restaurateurs are coming to Korea and they are looking for some high end, high profile restaurants or chefs. They are looking for more a Korean chef that uses ingredients in a new and unique way. I’ve been thinking Gaon in Apgujeong, but I’m wondering if there are any other restaurants out there that are at the top of their game.

Here’s what they are looking for:

“What makes him superior or unique? Is he changing the way people look at Korean food? Using traditional ingredients in unconventional ways? That’s the type of chef/restaurant we’re interested in profiling – especially because it will contrast nicely with the stories we do in the country side.”

Any recommendations? I can offer you a free meal^^


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  • InMySeoul.com

    Are you looking for a Korean chef or a chef who cooks Korean food?

    I know the N’Grill Chef is world re-known but his menus are not Korean cuisine, more of a European style.

    In terms of “High End”, its certainly one of the most expensive places to eat…lol

  • Walt Jocketty

    Gaon is closed for the moment, but there is a place in Cheongdam called wooriga, which is phenomenal/ I’m a chef and I went there a few weeks ago and will never forget it. The chef even wears hanbok. Our meal ended up being about $200 for two people; it’s not an easy place to find, but you can call 02-3442-2288 for directions and menu information.

  • Walt Jocketty

    and here's a link to a blog with some photos. http://blog.naver.com/paperchan?Redirect=Log&logNo=60049525352

  • Mandy

    I would recomment pulhyanggi and samchungkak.
    They have Korean traditional dances during the meal.
    Very well decorated too. Also yongsusan isn’t bad choice.
    But actually real high position people in Korea go to other restaurants in Seoul.
    Those are near insadong and the restaurants are old Korean housing but not fancy one.
    Very humble and the decoration isn’t great but the taste is wonderful and also expensive.
    For foreigners, the atmosphere isn’t great though.
    So I would recommend pulhyanggi, samchungkak, yongsusan.
    These three all have website. so check it.

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