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Holy Street Food: Spicy Cup O’ Chicken

This Cute Little Shop always has a huge line. In English it is Mamae Cup Chicken. It’s 1000 for a small cup and 2000 for a large cup. I believe they recently changed the name to Lee’ cup of Chicken.

They mix pieces of crisp chicken and fried rice cakes in a sweet and spicy chili sauce and then layer in tater tots and top this with honey mustard.

Here are the ladies hard at work assembling the Spicy Cup O’ Chicken.

Here is the finished cup. Just grab a toothpick and go for a walk.

Location: Right down from the main entrance from Sookmyeong Woman’s University.

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  1. Street Foodie says:

    Chicken and rice cakes, interesting. I've only had dalkbal, the chicken feet, which I assume was in the same hot sauce as this. Not sure about the mustard on top though – that stuff ruins everything!

  2. Anonymous says:

    just grab a toothpaste?? lol i think you mean toothpick… haha either ways, it looks deliciousss