How many Calories are in Soju, Rice Cakes, Kimbap, and other Korean Foods

I was searching for calories in Korean foods and drink and I came across this great link. Kitty is a recent returnee to Korea and she has compiled an excellent list of Korean foods and their calorie, carbohydrate, and protein content.

Here are some of the more interesting finds:


Kimbap: Rice rolls with vegetables and ham.
300 g =484 kcal
73.81 g carbs 12.1 g protein 15.6 g fat

Mujigae Ddeok: Rainbow colored glutinous rice cake.
100 g=234 kcal
53.24 g carbs0.78 g fat

Kimchi Bokkeum: Stir-fried kimchi.
94.5 g=110 kcal
2.2 g carbs 5.23 g protein 8.92 g fat

Ggakdugi: Cubed radish kimchi.
50 g=16 kcal
3.08 g carbs 0.6 g protein 0.14 g fat

Dongchimi: Chopped radish kimchi in served in water.
100 g=11 kcal
2.26 g carbs 0.5 g protein 0 g fat

Baechu Kimchi:Common (napa cabbage) kimchi.
60 g=11 kcal
1.51 g carbs 0.99 g protein 0 g fat

Baek Kimchi: Cabbage kimchi without hot pepper.
50 g=10 kcal
1.25 g carbs 0.88 g protein 0.17 g fat

Yeolmu Kimchi: Baby radish (leaf only) kimchi.
50 g=12 kcal
1.74 g carbs 1.26 g protein 0 g fat

Korean Barbecue

Galbi Gu-i: Grilled marinated beef.
254 g=566 kcal
9.91 g carbs 39.62 g protein 38.99 g fat

Dwaeji Galbi Jjim: Grilled pork marinated in galbi sauce.
133.5 g=187 kcal
11.69 g carbs 13.09 g protein 9.56 g fat

Samgyeopsal Gu-i: Grilled pork (fresh bacon).
201.5 g=671 kcal
0 g carbs 35.23 g protein 57.41 g fat


Makgeolli: Fermented rice liquor.
150 g=69 kcal
0 g carbs 0 g protein 0 g fat

Milk Coffee: Instant coffee with milk and sugar. This is typically what you get when offered “coffee” in Korea, outside of bars and coffee shops.
115 g=42 kcal
5.78 g carbs 0.53 g protein 1.87 g fat

Saeng Maekju:Draft beer, domestic (serving size is one 500cc glass).
500 g=190 kcal
0 g carbs 0 g protein 0 g fat

Soju: Clear rice spirits (serving size is one shotglass).
45 g=64 kcal
0 g carbs 0 g protein 0 g fat

There are 540 calories in 1 bottle of soju. Click on the link below for more information.

Sikhye: Sweet rice drink.
200 g=208 kcal
45.76 g carbs 4.68 g protein 0.23 g fat

Yakult: Yogurt-derived probiotic drink (serving size is one small bottle).
65 g=49 kcal
11.52 g carbs 0.74 g protein 0 g fat

Click here for the link
Thank you Kitty!


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  • Richard

    15.6g of fat for kimbap rolls seem a bit high. Considering that bulgogi has just over 30? I think kimbap is a lot healthier than that?

  • 승일

    You can also find lots of another stuff in this link….altough, u have to right korean charater.->

  • Richard

    man..apparently no wondering drinking lots of soju will make you look like Lee Hyori…its got no fat in it!

  • Anonymous

    alcohol makes you fat because it has lots of sugar. she had to limit her alcohol intake to look like that

  • Anonymous

    This is so helpful. As an atkins devotee, it's good to know I've not been overstepping the carb count by eating the baechu kimchi, which I love. And not to mention samgyeopsal. Yu-hu-hummy! Thanks for posting!

  • Asian Kim

    i guess i can enjoy more Soju without worrying about calories! that's exciting
    but it is sad too see that grilled pork has lots of calories in it.
    oh well whatever, i still love it.

  • Daniel Gray

    Asian Kim, but there are 16 shots in the bottle so it's 540 calories per bottle. Of course, that stuff is so harsh that it's recommended you have something to wash it down it (samgyeopsal is good with it).

  • Anonymous

    Having recently learned how to make kimbap, I can believe the fat content. They use A LOT of sesame seed oil for seasoning the vegetables and the rice, and then they brush it onto one side of the seaweed sheet as well. Really disappointing though….

  • Danner

    And I thought the calorie intake on my ribs were bad but after seeing the calorie intake of the Korean meat that I love so much, maybe its not as bad as I thought. haha. I guess its a good thing the smoking process burns off most of the fat on my ribs. =)

  • Anonymous

    hyori is hot

  • Anonymous

    Hey, thanks for posting this. Really useful info, especially since it's so hard with the language barrier. Appreciate your effort; keep up the good work^^

  • Sarah

    this for the post, very informative

  • DigitalSoju

    I'm pretty sure there aren't 16 shots in a bottle of soju. It's around 7.

    It'd have to be a huge bottle to get 16 shots out of it.

  • kristin

    Thanks, this is amazing. I just moved to Korea and I’ve been trying to stay in and cook because I don’t know how many calories are in what I eat. Very useful. Happy New Year!

  • Tzefanyah smith

    I want to ask a question that How many calories for eat in a day?

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