It takes 24 hours to marinate pigs feet at Pyeongando jip

Pyeongando Jip’s Famous Marinated Pig’s Feet (Jokbal) in Seoul, Korea
Pyeongando Jip’s Famous Marinated Pig’s Feet (Jokbal) in Seoul, Korea

Pyeongando Jip is famous for their marinated pig’s feet and during the dinner rush you’ll often see a line out the door even in winter. The owner, now grandmother, Lee Gyeong-soon is a no nonsense woman that is all about efficiency and order. Since her place is an institution, so she can run it the way she would like.

The place is not pretty or modern- it actually looks quite drab. Good thing that this doesn’t affect the taste of the marinated pig’s feet.

The recipe is Gyeong-soon’s secret and the feet have to be marinated for 24 hours before they are cooked. The meet falls off the bone and the normally chewy pig feet is tender and buttery. It is absolutely  delicious. It even feels healthy when you eat the meat with some garlic and wrapped in lettuce. Gyeong-soon assured me that this was good for my health.

Now I can’t say I recommend their bindaetteok. I like mine a bit crispier but here it is a bit soft. I guess they can’t be good at everything. I highly recommend you take a trip over here.

Pyeongangdo-jip (평안도집)
Seoul, Jung-gu, Jangchungdong 1-ga, 62-16
Cost: 13,000 or 15,000 a person
Directions: Go out Donguk University Station Exit 3 and walk straight. It’s down an alley. If you take a taxi, just tell them the name.

Pyeongando Jip’s Famous Marinated Pig’s Feet (Jokbal) in Seoul, Korea


Table Feet Shoes at Pyeongando Jip’s Famous Marinated Pig’s Feet (Jokbal) in Seoul, Korea 

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