Central Seoul, Korean Eats

Jongno 3-ga at Night: Duck Eggs and Rainbows

Duck Eggs (white) and Regular eggs
The Duck Egg is huge and the yolk is creamier than the regular one.
I wonder what the rainbow flag means?
Jongno 3-ga at Night is an exciting place. It’s the real Korea.
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  1. Mr Eugenides says:

    That is, erm, not the kind of flag one expects to see in Seoul…

  2. Tamar1973 says:

    I love hard boiled eggs! YuM!

  3. BurtonKorea says:

    It's a gay pride flag, duh. Jongno is the epi-centre of gay nightlife in Seoul, there are literally dozens of gay bars in the area. Of course you would never know, with Korea being so conservative and all.

  4. ken says:

    Yeah, Itaewon's not the only place in Korea with gay pride.