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Magpie Brewery’s Pale Ale




It is a rare Sunday off for me and I was out to brunch when I ran into my friend Jason who helps run Magpie Brewery. It is a beer making school/tasting room/ standing beer shop that is for serious beer drinkers. They make the creative ales that pushes the envelope of what beer can be. Right now I am sitting and sipping on some habernero chipotle chocolate stout. Yeah you heard me and it tastes like a kissing a beautiful girl at a bbq festival in Mexico.

The creative beers are not for sale. They are just “experiments.” They have other craft brews on tap for those that would like to indulge.

This is not a bar. It is a creative space for people to get together. It’s an underground slice of hipster heaven.


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  1. Sake says:

    looks cool. would like to visit.

    1. Daniel says:

      Let me know when you are free and I would be happy to take you there.

  2. Jee says:

    where is this place :-) ?

  3. arazue says:

    Noms. I would love some tasty beer. Is this place open for the public, or you have to know someone to enter?

    1. jason says:

      Hey there, I’m Jason and I’m one of the founders of the Magpie Brewing Company Brew Shop. You don’t have to know anyone to enter, and yes we’re open :)