Michelle’s ice cream diaries: National flower bread ice cream, so complex! (국화빵 아이스크림)


So this is what I do instead of working, I photo-document and dissect my ice cream. But come on~ you’ve gotta hand it to the Koreans for coming up with some awesome ice cream concoctions!

So far this is my favorite, Gookhwabbang(국화빵) ice cream love the layering of all the textures and the red bean flavor mixed with the vanilla ice cream. So chewy, so cold, so good.

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  • maisoui

    Hello! I've read that most of the people in Asia is lactos intolerant. Can they eat ice-cream and drink milk? Do you know? The pictures of ice-cream you show here looks delicious. :-). We are going to Seoul in June or July this year and are really excited about it.

  • Daniel Gray

    Michelle! Such a great idea! An Ice Cream Diary! Do it!

  • dokebi

    @ maisoui No… They just can't drink milk from shady local companies in the States.

    I think milk in Korea are filtered, etc. But they're not Lactose-free milk either. For example, I can drink certain milks in the States from large companies like Purity and ShopRite, but I can't drink locally produced milk like State Farm.

    anyways, my friends don't believe me when I tell them Korean icecream > American icecream (usually).

  • misterjun

    People usually have varying degrees of lactose intolerance. Most Korean people can consume dairy products without much ill-effect.

    Also, one of the translations of 국화 is 'national flower' but the other is Chrysanthemum. I believe this ice cream is based on the second translation as the Korean national flower does not look like this ice cream.

  • anne

    These are my favorite too! When they started selling them in the korean market in Oakland my mom and I jumped up and down. Okay, maybe that was just me. But whenever I come home to visit there are always a few waiting in the freezer. I suppose now that I live here I'll have to keep some in stock for when my mom comes to visit…

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