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My Nemesis Roboseyo makes even a bigger fool of himself than normal

Now you all can see why I hate this guy.


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  1. Roboseyo says:

    are you sure this is how you want to play, Dan?

  2. Lunalil says:

    I didn't know you had a nemesis!

  3. Hummingbird Appetite says:

    I think it's hilarious that what appears to be a piece of spinach? stuck in Roboseyo's teeth keeps moving around with each pose.

  4. Roboseyo says:

    Roboseyo wins.

  5. Daniel Gray says:

    i hate you, roboseyo. but the thing was that I was (secretly) trying to give you props so you would win the Asian Poses contest, but now you've ruined your chances with a stupid inside joke. Now who's the dweeb? I hope your intestines fill with bile.


  6. Roboseyo says:

    nope, nope, I never had a chance in that contest anyway, up against this:


    so nothing's changed for me, you're still a dweeb, I still win, but you're really cute when you try to get the best of me.

  7. Phoenixstorm says:

    Wait! Hold up! There was an asian poses contest and I didn't know about it!!! So unfair!