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Samsung Mystic Commercial, starring Apolo Ohno

I was pretty shocked to see this commercial airing during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic coverage.

It is showing on American TV (NBC) and is an AT&T commercial about a Samsung phone, but still… Samsung + Apolo Ohno?

The best part is the tagline at the end. “When you’re the fastest, anything is possible.”

Does the Korean Netizen world know about this? I can’t even imagine the outrage, considering how little Koreans think of him, and the backlash that would create against Samsung. Or would they blame AT&T?

If you are unfamiliar with the controversy around Apolo Ohno and the Korean speed skaters, Marmot’s Hole has a brief summary of the most recent developments.

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Hello from America all my friends in Korea! <3)

by Lunalil (now based in America and missing affordable Korean food)

Central Seoul 2, Non-Korean Eats

Good Eats from the k-food blogosphere: Putting the hurt on Tartine and Flying Pan is good again?’s see what the other foodies are eating.

Seoul Food Yo is eating waffles at Cafe Lafesta.

Food Coma 911 is checking out eats in Itaewon. Here is Neal’s Yard.

And they are putting the smack down on Tartine’s beef pot pie. Ouch!

Kiss my Kimchi found a delicious burger over at Burger B in Hongdae.

And Vegetarian in Korea is having Brunch at Flying Pan Blue.

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Another one bites the dust: Tutti Matti

Tutti Matti in Karasukgil has closed. It’s quite sad, but I guess it was inevitable. The food there wasn’t that great and the wine menu was over priced. It didn’t help that they had 3 floors: a basement dance club, a cafe on the main floor, and a wine lounge on the top. Talk about your identity crisis!


They should have focused on one concept and done it well.

Regardless, the guys who ran it were pretty cool and I hope they will succeed in their next venture.