Review: Burger B: A Taste of Home in Hongdae

Yay, another review written by a user. I guess we have 4 people now in the running for a Valentine’s Day Dinner. Here Cheeselover writes a review of Burger B in Hongdae. Submit your own review and get in the running to win a free dinner or dining tour for two here.

Review: Burger B: A Taste of Home in Hongdae
Written and Photographed by CheeseLover

I love a good burger, and every once in a while I really get a craving for one. While walking around Hongdae one day, my boyfriend and I followed our noses to a restaurant called Burger B (it really does smell mouthwatering from even outside)

The first thing I noticed is that Burger B looks like a pub you could find in the USA-my home country. There’s a jukebox in the corner, and those kind of kitschy decorations that are so familiar. Your utensils (knife and fork, no chopsticks here) come in a pail with some mustard and ketchup. There’s also Guinness on tap as well as a few other decent beers.

The menu is in English first followed by a Korean translation. There’s obviously a burger section, as well as salads, sandwiches, and snacks which are kind of your standard pub fare.

My boyfriend was intrigued by the Ultimate Burger, one that came topped with truffle aioli, Gruyere cheese, and caramelized onions, with a shot of vanilla milkshake and French fries on the side. I ordered the Gorgonzola Burger which has arugula, pesto aioli, Gorgonzola cheese, and mushrooms.

Gorgonzola Burger at Burger B

The food was as good as it smelled and looked. Though, like most places in Korea, you couldn’t choose how your burger was cooked, it came with a tiny touch of pink and was still quite juicy. The beef is clearly high quality and the toppings were fresh and delicious. The bun was good and plenty sturdy for the burger. The taste of milkshake we got told us they are quite good here as well. The fries weren’t exactly hot when they came out, but were somehow still tasty (I like shoestring fries, and they were crispy and salty).

I wouldn’t say the service was anything special, although most of the servers speak English well, and both times we’ve been the person at the cashier was very friendly and struck up a nice conversation with us.

Surprisingly both times there were few other foreigners in the restaurant. It wasn’t too crowded either time but it wasn’t empty either.

If you’re looking for a delicious burger – the best I’ve had in Seoul so far, and better than many American burgers too – look no further than Burger B in Hongdae.”

$ Under 10 USD
*** 3 Stars: Recommended: A place you would recommend your close friends
Burger B (버거비) Mapo-gu Seogyo-dong 362-7 Seoul South Korea
Phone: 070-8870-9220
Visited on October 2011 with Wife/Partner

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  • Roboseyo

    Is Burger B back in that location? Last time I walked by it was gone, and looked set to be replaced with a clothing store… has it returned? I’d be happy if it has.

  • steven yoo

    Hi. My name is Steven Yoo. I went to Burger B. I was very unimpressed. First of all, they slather all their burgers with way too much mayonaisse, and it’s that weird tasting, Korean-style mayo that is so ubiquitous around Korea (think Kimbap Chungook). The fries were mediocre too. I liked the restaurant, but there is a reason why it’s never packed. There’s a lot of burger places in Korea, but nothing really hits the mark. Overall, it was mediocre.

  • Việt Designer

    Korean food look delicious :D

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  • Johnny Cage

    I can’t get enough of this place, it’s like crack cocaine. The Apgujeong location is rarely, if ever, packed, but I think that’s more due to poor choice of location than anything else. The burgers, in my humble opinion, were stellar. Better than Kraze.

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  • Tarico

    I went to the Burger B in Apgujeong, and it was probably the worst service I have ever had in Korea. Our food and drinks came at irregular times. One person got her burger first and then the rest of us got them twenty minutes later and then thirty minutes later. I had to wait twenty-five minutes for my obscenely-overpriced beer. I was thirsty because they made me wait so long, so I asked for water and the waiter told me they didn’t have any. They also forgot half of my friends’ order and didn’t believe her when she asked where her fries were. She had to show them her reciept to get what she had paid for. The burgers themselves were pretty standard. Nothing special. I will definitely not go to Burger B again.

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