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Say Kimchi! Korean Food Comic Released on iBooks. Holiday Special Price!

Dear Friends,

I am happy to announce that Volume 1 of the comic has finally been released. In this volume you’ll find 48 pages of fun and informative illustrations on Korean food.  You’ll follow the adventures of Jia as she eats her way on her journey to explain all about Korean food. There is also a bonus etiquette section. Plus, in honor of the Christmas Season, we will be pricing the book at $1.99 (normally $4.99) for a copy. You can win a free copy of the book by commenting on the post below and telling us your favorite Korean food! You can write more than 1 and I will choose 5 people at random.

You can follow the link below to see the book in the itunes book store. It is a book appropriate for all ages. Its for people that love comics, love food, love Korean food and just love life. Some people have also reported that reading the book can even cure the common cold (just kidding). Download it today!

Learn about Korean food through fun comics!Say Kimchi! Korean Food Comic has been released for iPad!-korean-food-comic/id581645601?ls=1

Thank you!

Daniel, Heejong and Jia

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  1. Tri Tops says:

    This comic is going to be amazing! Who doesn’t love food? “San gap sal” would have to be my favorite! It’s cut pork pieces that you cook up and add to lettuce, or “ken yeep.” You can dip the pork in oil that has salt in it, add garlic, add sauce, etc. It’s great because you can customize each bite to your liking! The best way to eat this dish is with friends or family! If you don’t like garlic, then don’t add it. It’s a great way for everyone to eat what they like while eating the same dish. LOVE IT!

  2. Oh I always stick to the same boring food that I know, I never venture outside my comfort zone. This book will open my eyes to the wider range of Korean food! Bibim-dubu is my ultimate favourite! As you can tell, I mix my own up! The anjuma’s were furious!!!! ;) Plus I add a whole lot of other banchans and raw garlic. I nearly got kicked out once! Please pass your wise book onto me!! ^^”