Seoul Menu: J and T Trattoria near Seoul National University Exit 2

Lista del cibo
La bruschetta del ben venuto @ 4500
Welcome bruschetta
Insalata mista con pomodoro @ 6800
Mixed green salad and tomato, tossed with extra virgin oil and balsamic home dressing
발사믹 드레싱의 그린 샐러드
Insalata Caprese @ 8800
Tomato, mozzarella and basil
모짜렐라 치즈와 토마토
Insalata Contadina @ 7800
Mixed salad, grilled chicken breast (Korean) and sundried tomato
구운 가슴살(국내산) 샐러드
Vegetali misti alla griglia e parmiggiano @ 6800
Mix-grilled vegetable and parmesan cheese
그릴에 구운 야채와 파마산 치즈
Piatto formaggi Italiani @ 8800
Parmiggiano, provolone, scamorza and gorgonzola
이탈리안 치즈 플레이트
Piatto Trattoria @ 8800
Prosciutto, salame, mortadella and  grilled vegetable
이탈리안 플레이트
Minestrone di verdura all’ Italiana @ 7800
Italian minestrone with vegetable and pasta
이탈리안 야채 수프
Crema di funghi misti @ 7800
Mixed mushrooms cream soup
버섯 크림 수프
Pasta & Risotto
Spaghetti al pomodoro e basilico @ 11600
Tomato, extra virgin oil and basil
토마토 소스 스파게띠
Spaghetti alla carbonara @ 12600
Bacon, cream and parmesan cheese
까르보나라 스파게띠
Spaghetti alla Jina @ 12600
Garlic, chili, sun-dried tomatoes and parsley
마늘,칠리가 들어간 올리브 오일 스파게띠
Spaghetti alla puttanesca @ 12600
Black and green olive, cappers, chili and tomato sauce
올리브,케이퍼 ,칠리가 들어간 토마토 소스 스파게띠
Linguine alle vongole @ 13600
Extra virgin oil, clams, white wine and Italian parsley
조개와 화이트 와인 향의 링귀네
Linguine al mare @ 14600
Scampi, clams, calamari, mussels and tomato
해산물 토마토 소스 링귀네
Penne all’arrabiata @ 12600
Extra virgin oil, garlic, chili, tomato and Italian parsley
매콤한 토마토 소스의 펜네
Penne con granchio e pomodorini ciliegia @ 13600
King crab, garlic, white wine, cream and tomato
게살이 들어간 토마토 크림소스의 펜네
Tagliatelle Bolognese @ 12600
Meat sauce(Australian), butter and  parmesan cheese
미트 소스(호주산) 딸리아뗄레
Tagliatelle Alfredo @ 12600
Mushrooms, cream, Parma ham, butter and  parmesan cheese
버섯과 햄이 들어간  크림소스  딸리아뗄레
Risotto fungi di bosco @ 14600
Rice, mixed mushrooms, porcini, butter and parmesan cheese (rice:Korean)
뽀르치니, 모둠 버섯 리조또 (:국내산)
Risotto mare chiaro @ 14600
Rice, white wine ,scampi, calamari, mussels, sea bass, Italian parsley and tomato (rice:Korean)
해산물 토마토 소스 리조또 (:국내산)
Pizza & Secondi
Pizza margherita @ 12000
Tomato, mozzarella, extra virgin oil and basil
마르게리따 피자
Pizza rughetta @ 17000
Mozzarella, rucola, prosciutto, extra virgin oil
루꼴라, 파마햄의 화이트 피자
Pizza formaggi @ 14000
Tomato, mozzarella, gorgonzola, provolone and parmesan cheese
모둠 치즈 피자
Pizza mare @ 14000
Tomato, mozzarella, calamari, prawns, clams, mussels and basil  
 해산물 피자
Pizza salamino piccante @ 13000
Tomato, mozzarella, salamino, chili and mushroom
매운 살라미 피자
Pizza diavola con pollo @ 13000
Tomato, mozzarella, marinated chicken (Korean) and chili
매콤한 닭고기살(국내산) 피자
Pizza bianca al rosmarino @ 12000
Mozzarella, rosemary and extra virgin olive oil
로즈마리 향의 화이트 피자
Pasticcio di lasagna alla Bolognese @ 14500
Meat sauce (Australian), cream sauce, mozzarella and parmesan
미트 소스(호주산) 라자냐
Petto di pollo alla griglia @ 15500
Grilled chicken breast (Korean), vegetable, broccoli and roasted potato
그릴에 구운 닭고기(국내산) 요리
Tagliata di manzo alla Toscana @ 27500
Grilled Australian wagyu sirloin steak (160 gr.), mixed green and roasted potato
토스카나 스타일의 등심(호주산) 구이
Abbacchio scottadito @ 26500
Grilled Australian lamb chops, vegetable and roasted potato
호주산 양고기 구이
Filetto di branzino, spinaci, salmoriglio @ 19500
Grilled sea bass, spinach, vegetable, and salmoriglio sauce
그릴에 구운 농어 요리
Salmon grigliato con vegetali e insalatina verde @ 18500
Grilled salmon steak, vegetable, lemon oil and green salad
그릴에 구운 연어 요리
Pepata di cozze @ 17500
Mussels, extra virgin oil, garlic, white wine, tomato and parsley (2 pax).
매콤한 국물의 홍합 요리 (2 이상)
Tiramisu tradizionale @ 5800
Mascarpone, savoiardi, illy coffee, dark chocolate
Torta Caprese @ 4800
Chocolate, butter, almond, sugar
쵸콜렛, 아몬드 케잌
Torta di mele della Nonna @ 4800
Apple, sugar, butter, flour, vanilla cream
사과 타르트
Gelato Artigiano @ 5800
Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, lemon sherbet (choice 3 scoops)
모둠 아이스크림 (3가지 선택)
Frutta di stagione @ 4800
Seasonal fruit
신선한 계절 과일
Affogato @ 4800
illy espresso & vanilla ice cream
카페 아포가또
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  • Drew

    Their menu looks good, I am excited to try this place. I'll take my lady there when she gets back from her trip this week.

    One thing, and it's not related to this place specifically, I'm talking about ALL menus given in English and Korean in Korea, is that there's always disparity in the descriptiveness in the descriptors used between the two language versions.
    (and hi Andrew Salmon) something like Piatti Trattoria as on this menu, described succinctly as 'prosciutto, salami, and mortadella' in English (or Italian, if you prefer?) is not being done a service when they merely call it an 'Italian Ham Plate' in Korean.
    Shouldn't we encourage the introduction/common usage of specific food names into the Korean vernacular, and define if not commonly known? If there was ever a suitable time and place for loan words, it'd be having to do with food like this, which Koreans can access on the daily.

    If your average Korean person goes to a place, orders the 'Italian Ham Plate,' eats it, and then goes home thinking they just got 'Italian Ham' when in fact there was more… no real progress there. There's a lot of information being left out that needs to be bridged, if Koreans are to get more serious about food.
    I realize this all already happening at different paces, but it's still a long uphill stretch.

    I was drinking at Gagnaire's the other night and I always get the cheese and charcuterie plate, which is pretty comprehensive for a bar snack. I can't remember the name they used for it in Korean, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was either 'hem cheeju' or 'mareun anjoo' full stop. haha.


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