CLOSED: Steak is King at Mary Jane

300g of steak goodness for only 27,000 won at Mary Jane near Hapjeong Station.

You can get directions to Mary Jane here

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  • andrew

    i've been in korea for several years, and i understand that, for whatever reason, service is often much different at western style restaurants that are run by koreans than it is at western restaurants run by foreigners or korean restaurants themselves. nonetheless, this one was awful. i went there with a group of seven people last saturday evening. it was somewhat early and there were only two other groups there when we were there. it took us over one and a half hours between the time we ordered and the time we received our last dish, and i don't think any two items that we ordered were served within 10-15 minutes of each other. the last person to arrive, who came and ordered about fifteen minutes after the rest of the group, was the first to receive his food, more than an hour before the last person got theirs. instead of an entree, i ordered three appetizers to split with a friend, and they all came separately at about twenty minute intervals.

    finally, that would have been annoying enough but, as i said, i've experienced that sort of thing before in korea, and it no longer surprises me. what really put it over the top, though, was that about 30 minutes after we sat down, an absolutely shit-faced gyopo dressed in chelsea gear and waving a flag walked in, screaming at the top of her lungs. apparently this person worked there, as she then became our main server for the rest of the meal, delivering our order in between loud, gutteral bellowing about how chelsea rules, or some shit like that.

    maybe on another night the experience would be much better. i can't say. the drinks were good, the food was average. and i would probably have to designate this my worst dining experience in 5+ years in korea.

  • Daniel Gray

    dear Andrew,

    I'm really sorry to hear about that. I sent your e-mail to the manager and hopefully, they will fix the problem. Thanks for commenting.


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