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Seoul Eats Exclusive: Michel Richard of Citronelle using Korean Pear

Michel Richard, the Happy Chef, of the restaurant Citronelle has been using Korean Pear in his appetizers, entrees, drinks and desserts. His public relations personel, Robert Kang, told me, “Michel loves Korean pear. When we gave it to him, he took a bite and then his eyes lit up. He said ‘give me a minute.’ and he rushed into the kitchen. When he returned from the kitchen he had finely sliced the pear and put raw tuna on top of it and braised the tuna with the torch. It was a breathtaking dish.”

Here are some of his other dishes that Chef Richard has created using Korean Pear.

I think I’m going to have to make a trip to Washington DC to eat at his restaurant.



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Lazy Cakes Leave You, Well, Lazy

I found the following story on the NPR iPhone App:
Lazy Cakes Leave You, Well, Lazy
by Julie Rose
WFAE-FM – March 5, 2011
Convenience stores are filled with energy-boosting products; it seems some companies would be happy if we never slept a wink.
But now there’s a movement in the opposite direction: products with names such as Simmer, Unwind and Lazy Cakes. That last one, Lazy Cakes, is a particularly hot seller.
It’s a reasonable suspicion for customers to be a little wary of the fudgy brownies with the psychedelic purple package for sale next to the cigarette lighters at gas stations. The label says Lazy Cakes are “The Original Relaxation Brownie.” Even at $4 apiece, a clerk at a Charlotte, N.C., gas station says she sells about 36 a week.
In the five months since Lazy Cakes hit the market, co-creator Tim Barham says they’re available in two dozen states and sales are doubling every month.
“It’s definitely not a pot brownie,” says Barham. “Things that are in this brownie have been used for years to relax. [Such as] melatonin, valerian root, rose hips. Standard stuff you can pretty much buy at any Walgreens or Walmart or anywhere.”
Those ingredients are true, but look up Lazy Cakes online and the secret to their initial success is pretty obvious. Rumors are rampant they contain the same synthetic marijuana compounds found in herbal incense products like Spice or K2.
“There is an effect with Lazy Cakes, but I wouldn’t say it’s comparable to marijuana at all,” says Niki D’Andrea, who bought one while at a shop that sells drug paraphernalia.
D’Andrea’s not shy about having tried both; it’s part of her job writing about subculture for the Phoenix New Times. She didn’t get high from the Lazy Cake, but she was shocked at how sleepy it made her.
“I really did go to bed for about, I think 10 to 12 hours after I ate that first Lazy Cake, so well, maybe I should have started with half,” D’Andrea says.
Actually, half is the recommended serving size. As if anyone ever just eats half a brownie.
Read the fine print and you’ll also see Lazy Cakes are for adults only and should not be mixed with alcohol or eaten before driving. It’s the usual FDA-required label you find on dietary supplements, and that makes them legal.

But Lazy Cakes are sold in gas stations by clerks who often have no idea these aren’t normal brownies. They’re packed with melatonin, which occurs naturally in the body and is a common sleep aid.
Anna Rouse Dulaney, a toxicologist with the Carolinas Poison Center, says that “eating the whole brownie would be about twice the recommended dose.” She believes it’s only a matter of time before calls start coming in about Lazy Cakes.
In large quantities, Dulaney says, melatonin can lead the central nervous system to slow down and cause trouble breathing. More commonly, people just get really sleepy and maybe nauseated.
Children are at greater risk. There’s been at least one report of a toddler in Tennessee eating a Lazy Cake and ending up in the hospital. National poison center data show melatonin prompts more calls than any other herb or supplement.
In 2009, about 5,000 melatonin-related calls came in to poison control centers, most involving small children. None died. But the makers of Lazy Cakes have decided to put a “not for children” warning on the front label of their brownies. Dulaney says that might not be enough.
“A child who can’t read who just finds this in the house is at great risk because it looks just like any other brownie,” Dulaney says.
Still, it’s not the most dangerous thing Delaney’s seen.
Phillip Hunt, 28, discovered Lazy Cakes at a shop in North Carolina last month and now eats about six a week. He says “lazy” is the perfect name for them.
“If I eat a Lazy Cake and the remote’s on the other side of the room, I actually watch a channel for an hour or two,” Hunt says.
Relaxing folks is going so well for the makers of Lazy Cakes, they’ll soon launch a product with the opposite effect: caffeinated brownies called “Up Cakes.” [Copyright 2011 WFAE-FM]
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Non-Korean Eats, Out of Seoul

Food Porn: Pasquale’s Pizza in Florida

Pasquale’s Pizza in Florida

Hi Mom!

Oh, and for you the rest of you. I’m just putting these up to tease you and because I seriously want a hot, dripping, greasy slice of this awesome pizza from Florida. It was at Pasquale’s and it was epic. For me, a good pizza is all about crust and here they have great crust and the pizza is crisp on the bottom.

Awesome stuff. Oh, and they have Ms. Pacman in the restaurant. Double Awesome.


Pizza should be folded to eat properly
See how toasty the pie is! nice!
Out of Seoul

Good-bye Florida and Thanks for all Weight

The Gray Family in Florida, USA

Well folks, my vacation to Florida is coming to an end. I am packed and ready to get on an airplane and head back to Seoul, Korea. I wanted to say thanks to my parents and my family for putting up with me for 2 whole weeks. Thank you so much. I also want to thank Brenda and Bob for their good humor and for taking good care of my parents. I spent a week eating, writing, and spending time with the family in sunny Florida. I think I’m going to have to come back sooner rather than later.

Now during my trip, I did my best to exercise almost everyday. I got a Kindle, so I even went for walks while reading it. Unfortunately, it was all for naught-I gained 2 pounds. So after I return to Korea, I’m going to go on a diet (I’m sure many others are resolving to do this as well). I might even join a fitness class or something.

Before we do that, here’s some my found foodie memories in the USA.

Mexican Food at Abuelos, Florida
Bob and Brenda with their Lego Space Shuttle Model they built in 2 days

Rice Crispy Treat
Ham and Bean Soup
Brenda’s Famous Chocolate Strawberries
Justin Bieber! What the hey?
Turkey Sandwich with Cranberry and Gouda…Yum
Flan at Abuelos in Florida
Non-Korean Eats, Out of Seoul

Ridiculously Hot Wings, Fried Pickles and Very Little Salad at Hurricanes in Florida

Ridiculously Hot Wings, Fried Pickles and Very Little Salad at Hurricanes in Florida

My sister is a wing connoisseur. She’s one of those people that could be in the most exotic destination in the world famous for their local cuisine eating at the most authentic restaurant in the city and she would order wings. So…while in Florida we had to test out the best wings Florida had to offer.

Apparently, the best place is called Hurricanes and they are famous for their 30 different sauces- especially their aptly named “Ridiculously Hot Hurricane Sauce.” Oh, it’s hot. It starts by burning off your tastebuds on your tongue and then spreads to your cheeks and forehead. After a few minutes your face feels like it is about to burn off and you are left in a beautiful state of euphoric pain. It’s nice. I should have bought a bottle.

They also had fried pickles there- they just added them to the menu. These were good, but I was told not as good as my first attempt at them.

The menu is pretty diverse- what you would expect at a typical franchise place. I ended up getting the chicken sandwich tossed in buffalo sauce-just the extra hot Hurricane sauce (level 4 sauce). The buns were toasted and smeared with butter. My father had the steak sandwich and this was outstanding as well. The roll was sooo soft.

Oh, and the wings? According to my sister: “A bit too crunchy for my taste, but the sauce was alright.” So…they are ok, but she has had better. I thought they were alright. The restaurant goes heavy on the butter on everything (I think that’s their secret). They fry things well and the oil must be changed regularly because everything had a nice sheen to it.

The salads are not salads here- so I don’t recommend it. I substituted fries with a salad and I ended up getting bagged lettuce topped with a ton of shredded cheese and three rings of red onion. I didn’t know that I should have asked for extra salad and hold the cheese. The balsamic dressing was pretty gross as well. 

I would say that this place is much better than Hooters for wings and the service was just as nice.


Locations throughout the country:

Fried Pickles at Hurricane Grill and Wings

Fried Onion Rings at Hurricane Grill and Wings
Cheese with salad
Chicken Sandwich with Extra Hot Sauce
Steak Sandwich at Hurricane Grill and Wings
Wings at Hurricane Grill and Wings
Hurricane Grill and Wings