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My Ode to Sang-Sang Bar

Ssang Ssang Bar (Chocolate Couple Bar)

Ssang Ssang Bar, you are the cupid of ice cream.

You are dressed in gold and adorn with a red heart 
Underneath you have delicious chocolate spiked with two sticks.
What am I supposed to do with you Ssang Ssang Bar?
Ssang Ssang bar…
I loathe thee 
You are the chocolate bar shared by couples, but you taste so good, I cannot.
You show the darkness of my soul as I indulge in both halves- one for each hand, alternating between.
Ssang Ssang bar…
if you were larger in size, I would consider sharing (but probably not)
Maybe if I found a worthy beau, I would share.
Ssang Ssang Bar could you introduce me?
Ssang Ssang Bar (Chocolate Couple Bar)
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Oh, the Horror: Seaweed Chocolate

Seaweed Chocolate

So, you have seen the kimchi chocolates and the red pepper chocolates and even the cactus chocolates, but this, THIS, is just an atrocity. They took seaweed (laver, actually) and combined it with chocolate. CHOCOLATE to produce a taste that is just wrong. It tastes like milk-chocolate dog crap that leaves an aftertaste of old socks that lingers until you rip out your tongue or brush your teeth many times.

Gross. Gross.
On a side note, the makgeolli chocolates that are behind the seaweed chocolates were actually ok.
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Cafes/Bars, Central Seoul

Macarons across the Street from a Tiny Korean Restaurant

Macarons from Remins

I love exploring little side streets. There you’ll often find traditional Korean restaurants and locally owned cafes that focus more on craft than big crowds. One of my favorite areas to visit is Bukcheon and Gahoe-dong. I think of it as the less touristy Insadong. This area is well known for the many hanok guest houses . The area has a lot of charm with the boutiques, restaurants, and antique shops. Oh, and many of the locations have been featured in Korean dramas.

One of my favorite cafes in the area is Reminis is a great place to get a slice of homemade chocolate cake  with a cup of coffee. The last time I went with a friend, we decided to get a few macarons. These were ok. Homemade and flavorful, they were ok. We ordered the blueberry, earl grey, and lemon macarons. The earl grey was the most interesting. I mean these are nowhere as good as Paulette Macarons in San Fran, but you can’t eat macaroons across from a tiny little Korean restaurant with a 3 wheeler delivery car.

Reminis Cake
Jongno-gu, Gyedong 120-1
Directions: Go out Anguk Station (subway line 3) exit 3 and go left. Make a left at the corner of Anguk Dentist and go two blocks. It is on the left.

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Bacon Chocolate Truffle

Bacon Chocolate Truffle

This was sent from our friends at the Dragon Hill Lodge. These unnaturally good treats have dark chocolate studded with salty, crunchy pork bits. It tastes sinful, but I’d do it again in an instant. Now, they don’t have these treats on the menu, but if you ask the Food and Beverage Director Tim really nicely, he might make you a batch. Give the Dragon Hill a call today.

Dragon Hill Lodge
Located in the Yongsan Garrison so it would be difficult for civilians to get in.
Call (Commercial) 790-0016 Ext. 6209 or (DSN) 738-2222 , Ext. 6209

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Chocolate Gets me High Part 3: Cacao Boom

This was originally published in the March Issue of Seoul Magazine. It is reprinted with permission.

Cacao Boom

Cacao Boom for a Drop of Chocolate
Have you ever wondered why there is no Chocoholic’s Anonymous? It’s because nobody wants to quit. I must say that I am addicted to the hot chocolate at Cacao Boom. You can order it to the degree of thickness or flavor. I recommend the strong chocolate which comes in a small glass but each sip is like a shot of serotonin straight to the happy centers of the brain. There is also white hot chocolate for those looking for something sweeter and more buttery. For the adventurous there is hot chocolate with a shot of brandy or a sprinkling of chili powder. This is truly artisan made hot chocolate for it is made in a standing chocolate mixer that regulates the temperature and mixes it continuously to create the perfect texture. Also, be sure to grab a chocolate bar or two on your way out. Your friends will appreciate it.

Cacao Boom

Mapo-gu, Seokyodong 337-16


Directions: Go out Hongdae Exit 9 and make a left and then make your second left. At the Buy the Way make a right and walk to the end of the street. If you get lost ask someone- they all know where it is.