Pictures of Christmas Cakes

You can’t celebrate Christmas in Korea without a Christmas cake. The Korean blogosphere has had numerous posts on the subject…here, here,, and here.

I think it’s pretty cool that Korea is so into Christmas Cakes. The cakes represent the Korean idea of Christmas. Gift exchange is not big here, but the idea of getting together and sharing is.

The hats…I don’t know what that represents. The hats are all marketing. Paris Baguette did campaign 2 years ago where they sold Christmas hats and now everyone has jumped on board.


Do not Covet my Turkey Leg

You can have the thigh.

This is the best part of the turkey and if I don’t at least one turkey leg a year, my year will be ruined.

I cannot– and will not– share the leg. While I eat it I like to act like a barbarian. I tear off bits of meat with my teeth, grunt, fart, and drink beer. Now if I only liked football, then I could really have the true American experience. I remember watching my uncles act this way during our Christmas gatherings and they always stole the legs…bastards.
It’s nice to live in a country where the turkey is a new concept.

Happy Holidays everyone!