Crepes for Breakfast

I have a confession. The reason, I haven’t been posting so much on Seoul Eats is because I’ve been busy at home cooking. I’ve been learning new recipes and reintroducing myself to old ones. For example, the other day I made crepes. I got the pan really hot and I made these thin, crisp pancakes and topped then with lemon and sugar. It took a couple of tries to relearn the technique, but I think I got it in the end. The guests that I made them seemed to enjoy them.
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Hubbleshot: Hubble is back! Dog Omelette

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Vietnamese Rice Burger

Vietnamese Rice burger
The Temple of Jawns has a great recipe on-line for a Vietnamese Rice Burger. It looks scrumptious and it’s totally homemade. I think that Lotteria, should talk to them about making a decent rice bun. 
Here’s the Temple of Jawns,
Here is another one of my masterful ghetto foodstuff creations; the Pho Rice Burger. You get to have some Vietnamese flavor combined with Japanese food technology here, and that isn’t a bad thing. Most stuff would probably be better with some Japanese food technology, to be honest. This ended up tasting honestly more like Pho than any actual Pho that is available in this country, and that is on one hand, sad, and on the other hand, pretty cool, I guess. I’m not gonna become the next oriental Ferran Adria anytime soon, but the overall flavor definitely says ‘pho’….

Ok, so to reach the next level, you are going to need a lot of stuff. For those of you in Korea, none of this stuff isn’t easy to find here, but guess what? It’s not impossible. Itaewon Foreign Mart are your friends, people. It’s where I purchased most of the stuff for this recipe.

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Watch KBS1 tonight at 8pm for an International Cooking Class Special

Back in December, I was invited by KBS TV to participate in a Buddhist Temple Cuisine Cooking Class. I learned how to prepare dishes using locally grown produce. The special ingredient was lotus root which has medicinal qualities and adds a floral accent to the dishes. You can see it tonight (Sunday, February 14th) at 8pm on KBS1 TV.

Happy Eating!


Here is the front to Kilsangsa Temple
The meditation area.
The head monk. His English was impeccable and his message was profound.
Here are some of the participants.
Chefs in action.
Guljeolpan: Buckwheat crepes with vegetables.
Kimchi and Tofu.
Lotus Broth
Dasik: Pressed Pine Pollen Delicacies.
Lotus Tea
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My grandmother started to teach me how to make banchan (반찬), side dishes.

It must be the Korean way of *hinting* the need to marry you off soon. Well regardless of hidden meanings or codes, I’m just happy to be spending an afternoon with my grandmother learning how to make banchan(반찬), side dishes that accompany the main meal.

Today she taught me how to make black bean in soy sauce banchan (콩자반)

Ingredients (it seems that Koreans cook in ratios, so that’s how I’m listing it here)
- Dry black beans (the ratio is 2:2 beans to water)
- Water
- Salt (literally a pinch with your fingers)
- Soy sauce (2:2.5 beans to soy sauce)
- Dark brown sugar (2:0.75 beans to sugar)
- Option: Sprinkle sesame seeds to garnish

[1] 2 cups of dried black beans

[2] Wash them clean

[3] Add 2 cups of water to the beans

[4] Add 2-1/2 cups soy sauce to the water + bean mix

[5] Shut the pressure cooker and on high heat let it cook for 10 minutes

[6] Open the pressure cooker, take it off the heat and add 3/4cup of dark brown sugar to the mix

[7] Bring back to a boil with the lid off for 1 minute

and voila! kong ja ban (콩자반)

my first banchan COMPLETE! I’ve asked her to teach me how to make one of my favorites, beef soy sauce reduction (jang jo rhim 장조림), hope to post soon.