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Where to find English High Tea in Seoul

Here is some action happening on the Seoul Eats Facebook Page.  You can easily join the group by going here. 

Renate was looking for English High Tea service for a friend.

Renate  Hi everyone^^ Does anyone know a teahouse in Seoul where you can have English High Tea (it’s also being called Afternoon Tea – it’s tea served with cookies, cakes, sandwhiches and more sweets^^)? Me and some people from Couchsurfing are planning to do this on either 10th or 17th, but we are still looking for a good place~ If anyone wants to join us, please PM me! I’ll post again here once the exact date and place have been decided :) Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!^^ Renate 정란^^

Here is a response from Hyungseung:

Hyunseung Lee The ‘Cornerstone’ has a weekend Dessert that serves sandwich, bread and some dessrt with fresh juice, coffee and tea. It is a kind of dessert buffet.
Time. It’s only on weekends from 3pm~5pm. It costes fee 25000won per person(excluding vat 10%). You can find it at the Park Hyatt Seoul at the Cornerstone.

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Thank you so much for reading Seoul Eats

This is a publicity post for Seoul Eats. This blog started 5 years ago, but it has exclusively been a food blog for around 2 years. 2 years ago I moved to Itaewon to an apartment with an oven and started to cook and write about food. Since then this blog has gained tremendous amount of attention such as the New York Times, Gourmet Magazine, Serious Eats, Bizarre Foods, and many many more. Back in February I decided to see what if I could live off my work with food and I have. It has been a tumultuous couple of months, but I feel that there really is a future in food. I would like to thank all my readers. On average there are about 1,500 page views a day. It is all of you that make me keep going. There are big plans in the works that I will reveal soon. Thanks again.

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And one more thing. A special thanks to Matt Kelly of KBS radio. Last week I went in for an interview. You can see the video of it here.
Thank so much for the blurb.^^

When Dan Gray moved to Korea some five years ago, he didn’t know that he would soon become the nation’s top English-language food blogger. Dan is the founder and foodie-in-chief of the Korea food blog, On this week’s interview, Dan and I will talk about what it was like living in Gyeongju, his favorite Korean dish, and the international potential of Korean cuisine.

Matt has an amazing blog about Korea called Discovering Korea. You should check it out here

The Best of Seoul

The Best Chicken In Seoul, Korea?

I write up one little Facebook Status Report and I get tons of opinions and threats on my life about which place has the best chicken in Seoul, Korea.

Here’s the Back Story. My friend Kevin came to Seoul for the weekend and he wanted to go eat Korean fried chicken. I decided that we should go to – not one but- 3 chicken places. We went to Kyochon, Two Two, and Hotsun. All of these places were near the Kyobo building.

I’ll post the video we made later.

Here is my facebook status update

Daniel Gray ate at 3 Korean chicken places with Kevin in order to find the best Chicken in Korea. The verdict: Kyochon is the best. By the way, enter the Rice cake contest!
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AND HERE ARE ALL THE COMMENTS. Last names have been omitted to protect the guilty.

Therese at 7:31am April 2
REALLY i hate kyochon did you try na na ?

Therese at 7:32am April 2
oh and wish I was here for the competition

Michael at 7:35am April 2
둘둘 is superior to Kyochon.

Daniel Gray at 7:45am April 2
The guy I went to chose kyochon as his favorite. We went to Hotsun, Kyochon, and Two Two.

Chris at 7:54am April 2
I’d take BHC over Kyochon any day.

Charles at 8:24am April 2
No way dude! reggae chicken in Hongdae has all those places beat hands down!

Katrina at 8:35am April 2
B and Q chicken any day. They fry it in pure Olive Oil so it’s got a very distinct flavor and ROCKS!!

Brian at 8:50am April 2
NeNe is the best. Dasarang is second. Mom’s Touch is third. Kyochon is fourth. End of discussion.

Michael at 9:02am April 2
Brian, you are drunk. Ne Ne?

Brian at 9:03am April 2
What? You’re getting on my case for not putting a space between the syllables? Because I KNOW you’re not dumb enough to dispute my list.

Rob at 9:09am April 2
I like Ne Ne and two two’s yang nyeom chicken. Last time I ate Kyochon I was chained to my toilet for a full morning.

Oh Kat at 9:39am April 2
kyochon makes me happy!

Daniel Gray at 10:01am April 2
Damn…I didn’t know everyone was so passionate about chicken. Hotsun was pretty good, I must admit. It was my favorite of the bunch. It’s all about baked chicken these days.

Eugene at 10:51am April 2
where is kyochon?

Daniel Gray at 10:59am April 2
Kyochon is everywhere. We went to the one by Gangnam station

Charles at 1:05pm April 2
Reggae chicken bitches!

Daniel Gray at 2:20pm April 2
Ok. I’ll check Reggae out.

Lily k at 3:57pm April 2
want chicken! mmm. delivery for dinner. nom.

Jennifer at 4:35pm April 2
that’s the most ridiculous idea ever. Samseong Tongdalk is clearly better. You are wrong, and as soon as I’m no longer on the edge of being homeless, I will make sure the truth is known to the world via blog. Prepare yourself to be smited for this erronious opinion!

Daniel Gray at 4:43pm April 2
Damn Fatman, it’s just some chicken. It’s a good thing I have a home and a smiteproof jacket.