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$35 bucks Worth of Groceries in Korea

Buying Groceries in Korea

You can’t get as much as you used to get. Oh, and at home I don’t eat that well as you can probably see. There is seriously a problem in Korea. Food inflation is going up and there doesn’t seem to be much that we can do about it. This is an assortment of groceries that I bought at a local supermarket in a not so prosperous part of town. If the prices at this market are high then I expect that in other parts of Korea it is much higher.

The carton of eggs I got were 3,500 won. That’s for 10 eggs (and 1 was cracked). That’s 350 won per egg. The kiwi were 3,000 won for 5 (600 won a piece). The cucumbers were 2,000 won for 3 (666 won per cuke). The rice were 2,000 a pack; bok choy was 1,500 for 3; chilies were 2,000 for 5; and the pumpkin porridge was 3,000 for 1 portion. Sooooo… my bachelor’s dinner was curry and rice with 1 cucumber and 3 chilies with samjang. (I know, it’s embarrassing but when you own a cooking school and do food tours most of the time, you don’t really want to cook at home). Also, I was looking for a quick meal that I could make at home while I had to finish up a few papers for work.

My Indian curry was 3,000 won and my rice was 2,000 won. Chilies were 1,200. The cucumber was 666 won so my dinner cost me 6,866 won. It would have been cheaper for me to eat out (which I think is a shame because that means that restaurants are losing money in this economy).

So…what’s my point? Young people, start farms in this country and you can become rich. Forget the dreams of working for Samsung or Hyundai. Those are chump jobs.


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Photo-Restaurant Review: Piyang Kong Halmoni’s Creamy Tofu Stew

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Original: Seoul Eats/ Blogger Version

CLOSED: Lugo. “La dolce vita”, in Seoul! (a photoblog)

As the Lugo Caffe website states, “Since the 1950’s of Fellini’s Rome, the world over has been captured by the dream of ‘la dolce vita’. As the cornerstone of Lugo Tailored Lifestyle, Lugo Caffé brings that very dream to life.”

Oh– and was it ever so dolce~ yum.

Thanks to this man, executive chef, Mark Battle

and his right hand man, sous-chef Jeff.

Greeted with some bubbly prosecco and a delightful spread of pepper infused olive oil and white bean spread.

Next, an impressive line-up from the antipasto section:
Fresh mozzarella made to order with perreroncini-roasted peppers, salumi and
fresh mozzarella with prosciutto de parma, fig jam.

insalata cesare with ricotta ravioli croutons

Now for the secondi -
Costolette di mailale (Pork chops with an apple mustard seed sauce)

Spigola in cartoccio (Sea bass with carmalized onions, roasted wild mushrooms and lemon)

Fettuccine ai frutti di mare (homemade fettuccine, clams, shrimp, mussels, crab, diavolo sauce)

Roma-style gnocchi with wild mushrooms.

And of course, for dessert, I’ll let your eyes do the telling. Buon Appetito!

The Lugo lifestyle

Dan enjoying “la doce vita”, in true Fellini fashion.

1F, Seungwon B/D. 91
Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.
T. 02-512-0578

Original: Seoul Eats/ Blogger Version

Flags of the world made with food: The Korean Flag made of kimbap, red pepper sauce, and soy sauce.

Via Naver

This is a fascinating post that one of my Korean readers told me about and I wanted to share it with you.  They were made for the Sydney International Food Festival.

The Korean Flag Made with Kimbap, Red Pepper Paste, and Soy Sauce.

[서울신문]김밥을 둘둘 만다.엄마 김밥과 아기 김밥 두 종류를 만든다.가운데가 ‘s라인’ 칸막이로 나뉜 작은 그릇 하나에 고추장과 간장을 따로 붓는다.준비 완료! 네모난 흰 접시 위에 잘 놓기만 하면 태극기 완성.

Japan: Tuna Sushi. 각 국기를 음식으로 표현한 사진이 눈길을 끈다.더구나 각 나라를 대표하는 음식을 이용해 국기를 만들어 더욱 흥미롭다.

Vietnam with Rambutan and Star Fruit. 태극기를 보자면 건곤감리는 엄마 김밥과 아기 김밥으로 표현을 했고,태극문양은 고추장과 간장으로 색깔을 달리 했다.일본 일장기는 하얀 접시에 동그란 모양의 붉은 생선이 올려진 초밥으로 표현했다.

Switzerland: Ham and Cheese. 녹색·흰색·빨간색이 어우러진 이탈리아 3색기는 채소와 스파게티면,방울토마토로 표현했다.

Lebanon: with Tomato  Chutney and Bread. 이 맛있는 요리들은 10월 국제 음식 페스티벌을 여는 시드니에서 행사 홍보용으로 만든 것이다.각국의 음식을 소개하고,시식회도 연다.주최측은 행사 하이라이트로 ‘세계 요리사들의 쇼케이스 주말’(World Chef Showcase Weekend)를 꼽았다.10월 9~11일 전세계 유명 요리사들이 음식 솜씨를 뽐내는데 아랍에미리트 두바이의 7성급 호텔 ‘버즈 알 아랍’의 수석총괄 조리장 출신으로 유명한 에드워드 권도 요리 실력을 선보인다.

Greece: Black Olives and Bread. 지금까지 공개된 ‘음식 국기’는 모두 12개.각각 어떤 음식으로 어느 국기를 표현한 것인지 추리해보는 것도 또다른 재미를 느낄 수 있을 것이다.

India: Curry and Rice. 인터넷서울신문 최영훈기자 [email protected]

Italy: Basil, Pasta, and Tomato

France: Bleu Cheese, Brie and Grapes 사진 – 시드니 국제 음식 페스티벌 홈페이지 제공

Australia Meat Pie
●’맛있는’ 국기들 사진 더 보러가기

Brazil: Fruit

Original: Seoul Eats/ Blogger Version is in the Lonely Planet!

Well, that’s pretty surprising. Cool. Here’s the excerpt.

Sampling the quirky delights of Korean food and drink is one of the joys of visiting Seoul. The
Wonderful World of Korean Food, published by the Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO), is a free booklet that provides a superbly illustrated introduction to the country’s food, snacks and drinks. Download it from Explore more quirky delights at, an extensive expat blog with ‘interesting food titbits, restaurant reviews and random tomfoolery’.