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Thanks Brian In Jeollanamdo: Boseong Green Tea Covered in the LA Times

I am a big fan of Brian in Jeollanamdo’s blog and he keeps his eyes open to all things Korea. I would like to think of him as the Dark Knight of the Chosun.  
Here’s Brian and the LA Times
The LA Times continues its good Korea coverage as of late with a piece on Boseong green tea and the famed plantations.
    The Boseong region is to green tea what the Napa Valley is to wine. There are hundreds of tiny producers in the area. Visiting the plantations, I was struck by the pungent aroma of the leaves even before I caught sight of the fields. But it was the view that took my breath away. The soft rolling rows of tea plants stretching up along the hillside stood majestically in the morning fog.
    Tea plants grow like shrubs; they’re cultivated to grow only waist high for easier harvesting. If left to grow in the wild, the plants mature into tall trees.
    Even with the plants at a comfortable height, green tea harvesting (like any farm work) is drudgery. I watched rural women, their hair tied up with scarves, their skin tanned a golden brown from hours under the sun, picking each leaf by hand, one by one, placing them in their plastic baskets.
    Since higher-quality tea plants grow in higher elevations (the slower growth makes for a better flavor), the plants climb up the steep slopes of Boseong’s hillsides. The lower rows were the most popular, while only the hard-working few climbed to pluck from the highest-growing leaves.
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My New Writing Gig and I want you to join me

So Eloquence Magazine in Seoul is no more. I worked at the magazine for almost two years. At first I worked under Stephen Revere. I should really thank Stephen because he did give me opportunity to write about food. Stephen is a force of nature and it was amazing what he did with the magazine. Well, then Stephen was ousted and then Chris Sanders became the editor in chief of Eloquence.

I also liked working for Chris. I felt very free writing for Chris and I think I wrote some really good stories under him. I really enjoyed it and I thought that the new direction to the magazine was great as well. The articles were well written and I felt it became a really useful and insightful magazine for the expat community.
Apparently, some other people didn’t feel the new direction was working and so Chris was kicked out and the magazine folded.
Yeah…so…I was like, “I don’t need to write for some stinking magazine, I’ll just write on my blog. I am my own magazine.” Yeah, that’s what I thought, but then Tracey Stark from Groove Magazine contacted me and he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.
So now I am the dining editor for Groove Magazine. 
Now I would like some foodies to help me to make it a very useful and fun zine to read. I am getting a pretty big section and here is what I had in mind: 
I would like to do 2 restaurant reviews a month. 
Have a page full of food photograph collage.
A recipe.
An interview with someone in the industry.
Quick Bites : a very short blurb of different restaurants, food, bars, etc.
Those are all the ideas I had so far, but I’m open to suggestions and I want YOU to come help me write.
So if you are interested in writing about food or taking pictures then contact me at seouleats (at) gmail (dot) com.
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Robyn Lee from Serious Eats is flying in Today!


So, I am waiting at the Incheon Airport for Robyn Lee from Seriouseats.com and The Girl Who Ate Everything to come in. It’s been a month of planning to this point. For the past year and a half I have been living in Korea and I have been writing about and promoting Korean food. Last month the Institute of Traditional Korean Food approached me and asked me to help them prepare for the Rice Cake Fair that they are holding on Friday and Saturday.

I saw the rice cake fair as an opportunity to really promote Korea in a new way. In this day and age, traditional media is failing. Newspapers are dying off and it is the same with radio and television. So what is there? There’s the Internet. And through this, a new kind of marketing is happening. Now with a only a small team of people large scale projects can be accomplished.

Let me take the time to thank Terry Rah and Soo Hyang Choi from the Institute of Traditional Korean Food. I also would like to thank Dr. Yoon Sook-ja for making this possible.

Tomorrow Rachel Yang from Seattle will be flying in. I can’t wait to meet her. Her food and her story sounds amazing. I plan on taking them around to the best that Seoul has to offer. I just wish we had more time.

Well, 20 minutes to go. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the upcoming foodie adventures. We are planning to go meet Mr. Paul Schenks of the COEX Intercontinental Hotel and Chef Hickey of the Walker Hill Hotel. Also, Robyn is on the hunt for French Fry Encrusted Hot Dogs and Gelato. Rachel is back home after many years.

Oh, and you’ll be able to hear Robyn speak on Wednesday on Drivetime (tbs eFM radio 101.3FM) with Sam and Annabelle at 4pm. Rachel will be on the Evening Show with Sid Kim at 7:oo on Thursday.

And Yann Kerloch and Gilles Collot will be filming their adventures for a documentary.

I don’t plan on sleeping.


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Tomatillo’s 1st Cinco de Mayo Party

I’m a fan of Tomatillo’s Mexican food and they are having a Cinco de Mayo Party. I’m going to be there. Anyone interested in joining me? Go to Facebook to make a reservation.


Come out to Tomatillo’s 1st Cinco de Mayo Party!

Enjoy your “RED DAY” with us and some of your favorite Mexican Flavors…

Food Specials!
2,000won Tacos (pork or chicken)
2,000won Taquitos (Pork)
2,000won Mini-Nachos

Drink Specials
2,000won Tequila Shots!
3,000won Margaritas!
3,000won Mexican Beer (Corona and Sol so far…)


Cinco de Mayo Band Line-Up

12:00-1:30—The Kari Vanderkloot Quartet (Latin jazz)

2:00-2:45—Dharma Club (Pop/rock)

3:00-3:45—Gitalottabass (Latin jazz)

5:00-6:30—South Mountain Orchestra (Latin jazz)

7:00-8:00—Mariachi Band

and that’s not all…

We’ll have a Kids Zone from 12 until 5pm–so bring out the kids for this event too.

And stay tuned for information about our 1st Annual Burrito Eating Contest!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009
12:00pm – 8:00pm
Tomatillo, Jongak (at the little park next to store–follow the signs) Go out Jonggak Station exit 6.
Seoul, South Korea
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Random Pics: Sludge, Flowers, Kebap and Pork

I’ll just go through and explain the pictures.

These days I’m all about the brined pork loin that I’ll then roast and slice thin to make sandwiches. Once cured, the loin will last 2 weeks so they make a lot of really good sandwiches. My topping of choice is samjang with a bit of soy and garlic and sprouts.

Petra’s Sharma Shop in Itaewon has the best Turkish Coffee. The couple of drops before you hit the sludge is the best.

Cherry Blossums are pretty at night.

Sultan Kebap in Itaewon.

Steve Hatherly with a box of pressed snacks from Dr. Yoon’s Institute for Korean Traditional Foods

And finally, Jokbal.