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My Ode to Sang-Sang Bar

Ssang Ssang Bar (Chocolate Couple Bar) Ssang Ssang Bar, you are the cupid of ice cream. You are dressed in gold and adorn with a red heart  Underneath you have delicious chocolate spiked with two sticks. What am I supposed to do with you Ssang Ssang Bar? Share? Sigh… Ssang Ssang bar… I loathe thee  […]

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Korean Icecream and 3 Pretty Korean Girls^^

The sun was out for a hot second today and after my walk I decided to buy everyone at my office some ice cream. Luckily, a convenience store had stuff for sale so I picked up 4 random bars (one I picked only for myself and was unwilling to share) and went back to the […]

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Taegukdang Monaka Ice-Cream

Taegukdang Monaka Ice-Cream I hope you’ve been following Michelle’s Ice-Cream Diaries. She has been doing an amazing job of photographing them. When I see her pictures of the ice-cream, I instantly want to go out and eat that ice-cream. Well, finally, I got to eat the Taegukdang Monaka Ice-cream. Sorry, Michelle, but not my favorite. […]

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Michelle’s ice cream diaries: National flower bread ice cream, so complex! (국화빵 아이스크림)

So this is what I do instead of working, I photo-document and dissect my ice cream. But come on~ you’ve gotta hand it to the Koreans for coming up with some awesome ice cream concoctions! So far this is my favorite, Gookhwabbang(국화빵) ice cream love the layering of all the textures and the red bean […]

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My Guilty Pleasure: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream from Baskin Robbins

I know there are better mint chocolate chip ice creams in the world, but I like Baskin Robbin’s version the best. Once a month I just need to go get it. Maybe it’s a childhood thing. I remember that my my mother liked to buy it from Wawa (Northeast American convenience store chain that’s a […]

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