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New Korean Diet Craze: Brown Eggs and Milk

Korean Brown Boiled Eggs (황토랑) According to my ajumma (older married woman) friend, women these days are doing a high protein diet of brown eggs and milk. The protein in the egg and the milk are supposed to help suppress the appetite. I’m sure that it might work, but I would get board of this […]

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Get your Korean Fruit!

Do you know why Koreans don’t really have dessert? It’s because their fruit is so good. Now in the summer time, there is so much amazing fruit such as mulberrys, raspberries, watermelon, grapes- that a heavy cake slathered with chocolate seems unappetizing. I recommend you try a lot of Korean fruit these days. Cheers, Dan […]

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Hey Korea! How Latin Cuisine and Korean cuisine are well matched

This is from Chef Flor who is starting up the movement to popularize Korean food in Latin America. She makes some very good points on how Korean food and Latin food are well matched. I mean we’ve already seen the Koreazy Tacos and Koreazy Quesadillas from Kogi Taco- so it makes sense that these flavors […]

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Turtles, Headcheese, Blood Sausage and Beans

A tourist said to me, “Koreans eat some F$%#ed up stuff.” Well, it could be perceived that way if you don’t know the culture. Like my father said, “Food is food. Eat to live.” My father has a very unusual palate- an adventurous palate. He would tell us about how he would eat nightcrawlers and […]

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Michelle’s ice cream diaries: National flower bread ice cream, so complex! (국화빵 아이스크림)

So this is what I do instead of working, I photo-document and dissect my ice cream. But come on~ you’ve gotta hand it to the Koreans for coming up with some awesome ice cream concoctions! So far this is my favorite, Gookhwabbang(국화빵) ice cream love the layering of all the textures and the red bean […]

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