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Liège Waffles in Yeouido, who knew a slice of Belgium existed on an island in Seoul.

Belgian Waffle Majesty Liege Waffles Yeouido, Seoul Being Saturday and all, I thought a small hole in the wall Belgium waffle joint would tickle your fancy. So I present to you Belgian Waffle Majesty in Yeouido. I was immediately intrigued by the individually portioned dough batter left to rise and then compressed into the hot […]

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Michelle’s ice cream diaries: National flower bread ice cream, so complex! (국화빵 아이스크림)

So this is what I do instead of working, I photo-document and dissect my ice cream. But come on~ you’ve gotta hand it to the Koreans for coming up with some awesome ice cream concoctions! So far this is my favorite, Gookhwabbang(국화빵) ice cream love the layering of all the textures and the red bean […]

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street food diary – everything fried

fried hot dog buns fried ramen on a corn dog the fried corn dog family fried donuts w/ mash potatoes, veggies, red bean etc. fried galbi

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White clam sundubu, bossam, turnip & pear kimchi, and matgeolli recap.

Please stay tuned for the next batch of cooking classes, which will be held in our newly renovated cooking studio in Gangnam!

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Korean Taste Tour on March 20th

On March 20th, O’ngo Food Communications and Seoul Eats will be organizing a Korean Food Taste Tour. Participants on the tour will first enjoy a specially tailored lunch tasting menu consisting of over 20 different dishes and it will be explained by a Korean cuisine expert, Jennifer Flinn, in English. After lunch we will walk […]

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