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Koreazy Korean Pizzas with Ribs and Egg Rim


You just gotta love crazy competitiveness between the pizza companies to add more and more ostentatious toppings in order to create a sense of value for their consumers. I guess it is the only way for the big pizza shops to create higher margins (these pizzas go for 30-40 usd a pie). These calorie bombs […]

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Review: Trevia Pizza di Roma 3-stars

Pizza at Trevia di Roma in Gyeonidan Rating 3 Stars: Highly Recommended (Fresh and Exciting Toppings, crisp pizza, open atmosphere.)I have found my new favorite pizza place. Honestly, I had given up on pizza in Korea. I often find the crust too soft or cardboardy and the toppings blase or simply bizarre.  I think it also […]

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CLOSED 1 Decent and 1 unusual (blueberry!) Pizza at Pizza di Pane

Pizza di Pane Rating: 1 star out of 4 (good for the money, nice service, nice atmosphere) The street perpendicular to my cooking school is slowly becoming hip. There is a chocolate cafe aptly named the “Chocolate Cafe” across from the Rice Cake Museum. The Chocolate Cafe makes…chocolate that is brown and shiny- sorta like […]

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Bate’s Take: Pizza at the Crow’s Nest

It’s not delivery…Written and Photographed by Jonathan Bates It was just another blustery and frightfully cold weeknight when I got a call from a friend to come meet him. I knew what this meant (beer and pizza) and without him even touching my rubber arm, I contently acquiesced. I had heard about some good pizza […]

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Beer O’Clock: Delivery Pizza in Gyeonidan

Beer O’Clock is known as one of the best western bars in Sinchon. It is run by my buddies, Clarke and Trevor and they decided to expand into the heart of where foreigners live in Gyeonidan. What they decided to focus on here is pizza and that’s all that they do. The place is small […]

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