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Paul Ajosshi gets Jiggy with Fowl

Paul Ajosshi has found another culinary gem in the wilds of Seoul. This is a roast duck restaurant in Hannamdong and the pictures look scrumptious. The place is over in Hannam dong and it is called “The Ginko Tree House” (은행나무집) and they specialize in roasting duck in their own little clay bricks. This kind of duck is called: 황토 오리 진흙구이 (Duck baked in yellow clay). Yum.

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Menupan’s Top 10 Restaurants on May 27th, 2009…or what Seoulites are eating

1 (8) 양식 서대문구 10,619.00
2 (80) 한식 강남구 9,122.00
3 (2) 양식 종로구 8,181.00
4 (45) 뷔페 금천구 7,946.00
5 (1) 양식 중구 7,895.00
6 (8) 양식 마포구 7,749.00
7 (37) 양식 서초구 7,681.00
8 (21) 양식-스테이크전문 강남구 7,569.00
9 (575) 중식 노원구 6,820.00
10 (7) 양식 강남구 6,657.00

So this is the second week of the Menupan top 10 list. Has there been many restaurant moves? NO! Menupan: FAIL. I was hoping to update their top ten on Seoul Eats every week, but it doesn’t look like they update it that often. Maybe I’ll give it a try in another week or so. Sorry for the let down folks, but apparently the Seoulites are still eating at the same restaurants from the week before.


1. Florence. It’s over by Ewha and it serves up heavily sauced faux Italian.
2. Hwa Ssi 167 Do. It’s in Gangnam Gu Cheong Exit 3 and they serve up Korean Food.
3. Lochef. Steak and Pasta over by Hwehwa station. They have fancy steaks and pasta on their menu. It doesn’t look half bad. It’s expensive, but…it looks good. Also
4. Cfood Kitchen. Seafood buffet. It looks like they’ve got a nice spread and for 19,000, it doesn’t seem bad. It is over by Doksan Station.
5. Sokbul 1978. Fancy Steak over by Myeongdong exit 3. They can dress up a minutes worth of steak to look like a million dollars…and you only have to pay W29,000 for the privilege.
6. Primo Bacio Baci. Ok. I’ve eaten here and it’s not bad for the price. The place always has a line and they have decent pizza, salads, and they don’t gauge out your eye on wine. It’s in Hongdae out exit 5.
7. Sao paulo. I don’t know how it sounds but it is a Brazilian Steak place over by Gyodae Station (Seoul National University of EDUCATION exit 14). It looks alright. I’d be willing to check it out.
8. Freshville. It’s got foreign food and steak. It’s over by Samseong Station exit 4. It looks like the serve up a lot of steak on the cheap. The interior has a very…X-mas feel to it. Feliz Navidad.
9. My Chai. It looks like a smiley face that’s really expensive to eat. Lots of yellow, fancy plating, and small portions. Yeah…let’s see. If you wanna give it a try head out to Gongteong Station exit 4.
10. The Crab House. I’d actually like to give this place a try. It’s over by Apgujeon Station Exit 4 and it looks like good seafood. You’ve got whole crabs done tempura and sauce. They also have pastas that start at 12,000. Not bad…so why is it at 10? Hmmmm….Don’t know.

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A whole lotta food for 5,000 won

Recession my ass. For 5,000 won you can usually go into any Korean restaurant and get a feast. This place is called 전남회수산 and it is right down the street from the Institute for Korean Traditional Foods . If you want to find it just go to Jongno 3-ga (Lines #3,5) exit 7. Walk straight for a block and cross the street. You’ll see tanks with fish out frong. The food is good. For lunch I just had the 알 탕 (Al Tang). This is a spicy fish soup that has fish eggs in it. It’s great for cold days. Now accompanying this main dish came a plethora of side dishes. We had some grilled mackerel, fried fish cake noodles, kimchi, two pieces of sushi, a spicy turnip kimchi. It’s just amazing you can get all this for so little.

영진수산 (Yeong Jin Su San)

02 747 1868

서울시 종로구 묘동 139-1

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Toque Dining Events

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that Toque is having some specials this month. It’s a quaint restaurant that serves up homestyle Americana cuisine. I’m a big fan of their brunch, burgers, and chili. They have some other specials as well this much. Be sure to tell them Seouleats told you!

Dear Toque Friends,
I hope everyone is enjoying this BEAUTIFUL weather!
May in Korea is the “Family Month” of the year and we have some upcoming events for this special month.
1. We have started handing out Toque Stamp Coupons this month.  We give you one stamp for every bill over 30,000.
The offer is: a free cappuccino or latte after 3 stamps, 3,000 discount after 5 stamps, one free appetizer after 8 stamps
and 40% off your bill(excluding alcohol and Chef’s Course) after 10 stamps.  
Many of our regulars and enjoying this benefit and looking forward to the 40% food discount so come by to get the coupons.
2. May 5th is “Children’s Day” and Toque is offering a special deal for families with younger children.
On this day, children under the age of 7 who order from our “Kid’s Menu” will eat for free.  The portions are fit for 7 year olds and 
we will need to limit one item per child.  
3. May 8, Friday is “Parents’ Day” in Korea.  We will be offering 10% off your total bill, including beverages and alcohol(except Chef’s Course), to those families withparents wearing a carnation corsage.  
4. We have introduced some new items on the menu last week and some are already looking to be a steady best seller.  For example, 
we cannot make enough of the ”Garlic Onion Burger” and “Santa Fe Pizza“(spicy cheese sauce, chicken, spinach, mushroom, salsa). 
Please let us know if you have any suggestions or if you crave food from back home that you cannot get here in Seoul!
We’ll try our best to take you back to your mom’s table. 
Thank you and have a wonderful month!
Jane Chang     

장정은  Jane Chang
Owner/Chef  Toque Diner
682-1 Hannam-Dong Yongsan-Gu, Seoul
Tel: (02)794-3834
Fax: (02)794-3828

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Craving Tandoori? Go to Chakraa Indian Restaurant in Hannamdong

I recently went over to the new Chakraa restaurant over in Hannamdong. I’m a big fan of Chakraa because they make authentic Indian food. Sure there are quite a few Nepalese restaurants in the city such as Everest, Namaste, and Himalaya and they all serve Indian Curry. These restaurants serve Indian Curry because they realize that it is popular. If you notice on the menu’s the authentic Nepalese dishes such as Dal Bhat (Lentils and Rice) and Vegetable Pulao (Vegetable Fried Rice) only have a small section in proportion to the whole menu. If you want authentic Indian food, then there are only a few in the city.

In Itaewon there is Agra, Wazwan, Curry Town, Taj Mahal, The Foreign Restaurant, and Chakraa. Over in Hannamdong- if you go down the road from Cheil there is a little curry joint that’s way overpriced and with small portions. Over by Myeongdong there is a place…I don’t recall the name, but I do remember they served me kimchi with my curry. KIMCHI! Grrrr. In Samcheongdong there is Dal in the Artsonje Center. Now I judge Indian restaurants based on their palak paneer and their palak paneer was spicy. Grrr.

Oh, and there is Ganga.

In the past, the only really good Indian restaurant was Ganga. But Ganga is expensive because they were the only game in town and they marketed themselves as premium.

Taj Mahal used to be my favorite, but they changed chefs. Wazwan did the same. Agra, I’m not a fan at all. Sure the place is pretty, but they put potatoes in my Palak Paneer and tried to pass them off as paneer. I’ll never go there again.Then on a whim I decided to check out Chakraa and I’ve been hooked ever since. They make authentic curries, the naan is always big and made fresh, their palak paneer is authentic and it has the right proportion of paneer (a curded cheese) and their tandoori is moist and spicy. It’s a great place to go for real Indian food.

I’ve gone to the buffet as well. I love Indian buffets. There are so many different curries and I just love Indian desserts. I just love Gulab Jamun and Gajar Halva. Gulab Jamun are Indian munchins flavored with cardamon, rose water, and saffron. Delicious. And Gajar Halva is an sweetened carrot salad with raisin, cardamon, and milk. It’s awesome. I always feel bad because I make several trips for the Gajar Halva.

One note about the buffet. I would recommend that you go around 12:00 that’s when they start putting out the really good stuff.

796-1149 Korean
796-2255 English
[email protected]