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Big Greek Salad at Craftworks

Big Greek Salad with Chicken at Craftworks 13,000 won
Since I got the new iphone 4, I’m going to try to post most of what I eat and write a bit about it. 
This is a big Greek Salad topped with chicken at Craftworks in Gyeonidan. It’s a salad big enough for a meal. It’s made in real Greek style with chunks of cucumber, black and kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and topped with a red wine vinegarette with oregano. Normally it costs 12,000 won but I added a grilled chicken breast for 1,000 won. (I hope that was a mistake because I think they should charge more for a chicken addon.) Great food, wonderful people and the place has become one of my favorite places to hang out.
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What The! Fresh Made Deli Meats in Busan

First of all,

Hi my name is Dan and I am addicted to Daveseslcafe

But I only tend to troll around the Buy Sell Section. Tonight, as I was trolling as usual, I came across this post


Hello All,

Happy to to announce the opening of our online sandwich meat shop Nice Deli. We are offering a variety of very nice deli meats at reasonable prices, such as:

Roast Beef
Turkey Breast
Italian Salami
and more. . .

Please visit our site, www.NiceDeli.com, to see all our Products, read our FAQ and Ordering pages before posting questions. Cold Cuts are available to buy in cash at O’Brien’s (Busan) , or you can order online. Delivery only for larger orders (FREE). Right now we are just trying to see what kind of customer base there is and which meats people prefer. We welcome any and all constructive feedback and suggestions.


Nice Deli


*Please note the site must be viewed in either a Fire Fox, Google Chrome or Opera web browser (I think Safari also works). Sorry for any inconvenience, we’re working to get it viewable in Internet Explorer soon.

So then I went to the site and all of it looks fairly legit and nice. I’m not a huge fan of the Borat picture, but I believe in their mission. Here is what their site says:

Scott McMaster & Paul Ostrowski, two expats trying to make the most out of lunch, watching our comrades struggle to find quality deli meats at a reasonable price. Finally a break through, we provide you with the opportunity to take your sandwich to the next level!

They’ve got Salami, Turkey Breast, Mortadella, Germain Beir Ham, Pepperoni, and Capicola. Prices range from 5,900 ($4.47 US) for 250g / 9oz. It’s not bad for Korea. Plus, you can take an extra dollar off now in celebration of their opening.

Cool. Cool. Cool. But is it as good as my homemade peppered pork loin?

Further investigation is needed.

Check out Nice Deli!


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Dan Can Cook: Pepper Roasted Pork Sandwiches

So…the cost of cold cuts are astronomical and I find that the meat is generally pretty pitiful. I mean the Korean ham is more like baloney and the portions are meager compared to the golithan sandwiches I’ve had in New York. The only decent place for cold cuts in the city is Chef Meili’s in Itaewon, but it’s a bit pricy.

So…I decided to brine my own pork loin, roast it and then have enough meat for my sandwiches. I brined it in salt, sugar, cloves, and apple cider vinegar. I brined it overnight and then the next day I took it out and dried it off and then covered it with ghee and black pepper.

OH! I also brined a slice of samgyeopsal (a thick strip of pork belly). I then roasted the loin with the strip of samgyeopsal on top. The samgyeopsal got crisp and it protected the pork from drying out. After it cooled overnight in the refridgerator, I was able to then slice it thin and my my sandwiches.

They were DELICIOUS! And…inexpensive.

Total cost: 10,000 won.

Give it a try.

PS. the last sandwich is a grilled cheese I made on a homemade whole wheat roll. I should plan a picnic. This meal would be perfect for it.


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Quick Bites

This will be published in the March issue of Eloquence Magazine.

Gostiny Dvor
There is a prominent Russian population in Seoul, and you have been wondering where they eat. Once you walk out Dongdaemun Stadium Exit 7, you’ll be transported to little Russia. Gostiny Dvor has exotic dishes like Pelmeni (lamb mandu), Soyanka (a warm, piquant sausage soup), and Selyodka pod shuboj (a layered dish with beets, potatoes, smoked fish and cheese.) Delicious. #2275 7501.

Chez Simon
Samcheongdong has the right to be a little pretentious. It is the place where the rich and elite live and they should know good food, right? Chez Simon is up and at the a little alley, on the raised terraces of houses in the center of Samcheongdon. It has a set menu for lunch and dinner. It’s chef’s choice, and it’s reservations only. This French trained chef will not disappoint. http://blog.naver.com/chezsimon #130 1045.

It’s like a Chipotle Mexican Grill that has been transported to Seoul. This kinetic Mexican joint boasts fresh ingredients and seasoning. It’s a nice place to go for a quick burrito for lunch or a taco for dinner. It’s a build your own burrito/taco place, so you can mix and match the ingredients that you want. Sadly, I didn’t see any tomatillo salsa on the menu. (Hint!) www.tomatillo.co.kr #734 9225

If you happen to be by Gyodae station, exit 12, I recommend you seek out iBake. It looks like another cookie cutter sandwich shop, but look closely behind the counter. You’ll see a big commercialized oven, a huge dough mixer, and near it a quaint kitchenaide mixer. Over by the bread racks, you’ll find silpat and silicon gloves. This is equipment used by pros-used by people in the know. The steak, grilled vegetable, and mozzerella and tomato sandwiches are well seasoned and laid on fresh baked bread. www.ibake.co.kr #582 5442

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Random Pics: 1 Last Steak before I go

This is Brian. He is currently in the Korean Army. When he had a couple days of leave, he came to visit me so I took him out to get a steak before he had to rejoin the ranks. We went to Outback because that was the only place around where I work. Next time I’ll have to take him to a nicer place.

Chicken Chili from Gecko’s Terrace. It was quite good.

Caesar Salad from Gecko’s Terrace. Eh. It was alright.

Pastrami Sandwich from Gecko’s Terrace. The bread was good. One of these days, I’m going to have to do a sandwich review in Korea. Where are all the good sandwiches at?

Darts at Geckos. I won! This was my last throw. I’m totally serious. Sara is my witness. You can ask her^^

Market O’s real Brownie. You can get these at most convenience stores these days. Market O is promoting themselves as a all natural, “real” snack alternative. This box had about 5? brownies and it cost about 3,000won. They were a tad small to be real brownies, but they were moist and chocolatey. They were alright, but I could get 3 times the number of choco-pies for the same amount of cash.

Jason Lindley with his famous chocolat stout. He brews his own beer and this stout was awesome. Awesome!