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Photoblog: Unesco’s Global Peace Village

Last week, I went to Icheon to teach at an English Camp for a week. It was the first time I ever taught at a camp, but I truly enjoyed teaching at Unesco’s Icheon Global Peace Village. It is a very impressively modern camp with new facilities. Everything coincided with Unesco’s message of environmentalism and […]

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Surviving Seoul Part 1: Teaching Tips

Listeners, I’m not sure if you know this, but I haven’t always been an MC in Korea. Like many foreigners that come to Korea, my first job in Korea was working at a hagwon. I came to Korea totally naïve and I just thought to myself, “This is going to be easy; I’ll just think […]

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Funny Anecdote: Pen-tea

In my writing class the students were supposed to brainstorm about disturbing trends in Korea and I said that Black Bean Tea was a disturbing trend. Then I went on to expound on the ghastliness of corn tea (it tastes like soggy popcorn!) and that this will lead Korea to make teas from everything: from […]

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Third drafts and fourth

I’m going to get my students to rewrite their 2nd drafts because they don’t really improve their first beyond superficial grammatical fixes. I’m going to also have them rewrite another student’s paper in order to make it even more collaborative.

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MacGyvering a Lesson

Here’s an article that I wrote for a magazine. MacGyvering a Lesson It’s Sunday night. You are staring up at the ceiling realizing that tomorrow you are going to be the shepherd of howling hooligans yelling “Teacher GAME!” and it fills you with dread. These days Simon says, “Jaemi-oppso,” the students have already stolen all […]

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