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Whole Lobster Deconstructed for Dinner

Whole Lobster Dinner at Sausalito

Sausalito Lobster
One of the better meals that I have had in the last years was a Sausalito Lobster. The giant lobster came out like a the centerpiece of the table and it was expertly deconstructed by the host.

The host puts on a show as he dissects the entire lobster from claw to flipper (yes, there is meat in the flipper and it tastes subtle and velvety.) The fried rice made with the innards of the mustard at the end is epic. A full review is forth coming with more pictures.

A lobster here costs about 50,000-70,000. Reservations recommended.
Near Fraser Suites Hotel in Insadong. Jongno-gu Insa-ro 285-ro. Ph# 02-720-5077.

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A Big Pot of Steamed Shellfish in Seoul, Korea

Steamed Shellfish at Gol Mok Gil in Seoul, Korea

My buddy Sean Choi from Groove Magazine is a Foodie’s Foodie. He knows what’s good in Korea and he often goes out of his way to find excellent, local Korean places. On Wednesday Night, he had a meet up with the writers of Groove Magazine and he was nice enough to invite me. If you might recall, I used to be their dining editor for a while, but I had to move on because I got too busy with work.

Anyway, the place he took us to was called Gol Mok Gil (길목길). It’s a bit of a pain to find, but it’s totally worth it. The house specialty is Steamed Shellfish (조개찜 48,000 for large). Here you get a large variety of mussels, razor clams, scallops, and a variety of cockles. Great stuff and you get it all in a giant pot so it creates a rich clam broth which is later used to make a Knife-cut Noodle Soup.

I also recommend you get an order of their potato pancakes (감자전). I later found out these came service- but I think they are included in their Panfried Variety (모듬전). Their Potato Pancakes are chock full of thin fluffy strands of potato that are panfried- it’s like a potato cloud.

서울특별시 강남구 논현동 67-25
Mobile: 016-307-4575

The Groove Crew and Steamed Shellfish at Gol Mok Gil in Seoul, Korea

Steamed Shellfish at Gol Mok Gil in Seoul, Korea

Steamed Shellfish at Gol Mok Gil in Seoul, Korea

Potato Pancake at Gol Mok Gil in Seoul, Korea

Steamed Shellfish at Gol Mok Gil in Seoul, Korea

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Korean Restaurant Review: Pohang Susan by Joel Park

Pohang Susan 02-408-8817

Pohang Susan (soo sahn) is a restaurant (and I use “restaurant” loosely) in the fish market section of Garak Market. Most people go to Noryangjin for fresh fish and maeuntang (spicy fish stew), but I’m not a big fan. I’ve only eaten at a Noryangjin restaurant once and wasn’t too impressed. The banchan was minimal and the maeuntang pretty much just had the fish we bought plus veggies.

Maeuntang: Spicy Seafood Soup with octopus

At Pohang it’s different. Instead of buying the fish from a vendor and bringing it to the restaurant, the restaurant already has the fish in its tanks, presumably handpicked daily. If there’s anything they don’t have, just ask them and they’ll have a guy bring it over from one of the vendors.

Raw Red Snapper done Korean Style

The quality of the fish is excellent, of course. We had wild red snapper, and it was awesome. The meat was firm and had no fishy smell whatsoever. It’s such a huge difference from the pre-frozen sashimi in the states. The banchan is plentiful. We were served clams, shrimp, sea squirt, sea cucumber, the weird worm thing, gaejang (marinated crab), and some other stuff. The maeuntang had more than just the fish. They add a whole crab, big shrimp, little shrimp, an octopus, clams, and fish roe, all adding to the depth of the broth.

Pohang Susan is located in a food court-like area in the fish market by pillars 8 and 9. The restaurant itself isn’t very clean. It’s in a fish market, after all. Wear clothes that can get dirty. During peak hours, be prepared to wait. Seating is very limited (like four tables), and of all the places there, this is the busiest by far. I’ve been there when it was busy and also when it wasn’t. This place always has the most customers. Try not go at night; unless you Ike standing around in a tiny, wet area with fish being chopped up all around you.

The fish before the knife

Located in the fish market in Garak Market, Garak Market Station on line 8 and 3 according to wiki. Taxi drivers will know. It is located in Songapa-gu. The phone number for the restaurant is the one in the picture. English is probably not spoken.

Joel Park originally hails from Seattle. He is a world traveler, but the taste of Korea keeps bringing him back. You can contact Joel here:  Joel Park.

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Know your Korean Food: Kanjang Gaejang and Al bap

Al Bap
Kanjang Gaejang

간장게장 (Kanjang gaejang)/ Crab Marinated in Soy Sauce
Fresh crabs are marinated in soy sauce seasoned with garlic, red pepper, ginger, and green onion. The sauce is brought to a boil and cooled and poured over the crabs until the crabs are pickled. The soy sauce ferments and tenderizes the crabmeat and gives it a gelatin like texture and flavor.

알 밥 (Al Bap)/ Fish Roe served with Rice and Vegetables in a Sizzling Stone Bowl
Tiny fish eggs are served over rice along with various vegetables such as kimchi, radish, seaweed, chopped crab, and cucumber. The dish is served in a sizzling stone bowl called a dukbaeggi (뚝배기). The eggs are mixed with the rice and the vegetables and cooked by the stone bowl; the eggs have a crisp popping sensation as the dish is eaten.