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Home style egg sandwich at Baker’s Table

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Central Seoul 2, Photographs

Photoblog: Seoul Nights: Turn Piggy Turn, Roast up just right

Seoul Nights

These days, I love to go out and just shoot pics with my camera. I am trying to get better with it as well. Here are some night shots that I took while I was out when I spotted a rotisserie pig by a tent.


Tent Restaurant
Late Nights with Pork
Here comes the pig
It’s still coming.
Look at that skin!
He’s wondering if he could have some pig
Here it is again. Wanna Bite?
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Seoul Eat’s New Logo and New Page Layout

I am happy to announce that finally I have a new logo for the Seoul Eats Page. It has been designed by our company’s new webmaster and designer, Stephanie Jung. As you might know, I can’t draw very well and I am not very technologically advanced so it’s great to have someone on board that can do both things plus have an eye for design. We had been playing around with several different concepts such as with plates and spoons and such, but I like the simplicity of the chopsticks. Stephanie, thank you so much for putting the time into the logo and for fixing my homepage!



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Letters to Seoul Eats: Good Cheap Food Recommendations

Here is a letter I recently recieved:

Hi Dan,

I’m heading to Seoul with 3 of my friends at the end of the year and need some suggestions for good food. My friends are pretty psyched about eating good authentic Korean food and have been counting on me to bring them around.

Although it’s gonna be my 3rd time in Seoul, it’s not like I know where all the good food are.
So, could you like recommend any places to try good Korean food like samgyetang, jjajjangmyeon, bibbimbap etc and street food?

Since my friends and I are still in college, it’ll be great if the food is affordable or cheap too haha.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!


Dear Shazleen,
For good cheap food, I recommend going to Kwangchang Market. They have lots of food stalls the food is very good- especially the Kalguksu and the Metdol Bindaetteok. For Samgyetang, I like going to Kuryeo Samgyetang- but this is a bit expensive at 15,000 a person. you might be able to get 2 for 3 people and share. I recommend one fried (tong) Chicken and one black chicken. For Jajamyeon, my favorite place is over by Chungmoro Station Exit 4?? it’s the one near Korea House where they might pulled noodles. O’mori Kimchi Chiggae also has great black noodles (and kimchi chiggae^^). For bibimbap…I like doengjang bibimbap at Twet e maul in Insadong (it’s by Doorei).

I hope that helps and happy eating!


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Chuncheon’s Most Famous Dakgalbi Restaurant: 1 Bonji

I am trying to get better with my video blogging. Here is my most recent video and I even edited it! Check it out! It’s on the best Dakgalbi Restaurant in Chuncheon: Myeongdong Dakgalbi 1 Bonji.

Hi this is Dan Gray from Seouleats.com, showing you the best eats in Korea. This is Chuncheon’s most famous Dakgalbi Restaurant: Myeongdong Dakgalbi 1-Bonji. They have the best sauce and amazing buckwheat noodles. It’s easy to find, because it’s the only one with a line far out the door. If you are looking to find the best food in Korea, take a food tour with me at www.ongofood.com

Come take a cooking class or take a Culinary Tour in Seoul! http://www.ongofood.com