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Foodie Meetup at TAF Art Cafe in Sinchon

Balsamic Brushetta at TAF Foodie Meetup at TAF with Joe Mcpherson and Sarah Lee Warmed Spinach Dip My life is pretty good most of the time- especially when I get invited by restaurants to come eat. TAF or Total Art Festival is a nice little cafe with good food over by Sinchon Station. I was […]

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Where to Eat during the Superbowl in Seoul 2011

Oh, shoot! the superbowl is coming up and I forgot to post where you can eat during the game. Luckily, our friends over at 10 magazine put up a good list. Now of the places that are posted, I recommend that you check out the Wolfhound and at Sam Ryans. Both have great bar food […]

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Win a 50,000 won Bar Tab from Beer O’Clock in Sincheon

One of my favorite bars in Sincheon and Seoul Eats is teaming up for a new contest. The prize? a 50,000 won bar tab at Beer O’Clock. The person with the most posts will win one prize and the person with the most creative post will win the other. The contest ends Monday January 18th […]

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Yaletown Burgers and Bar in Sincheon

Yaletown is a great pub in Sincheon that I like to hang out at. There is a map below, but just look for a big, fat indian with a potbelly on the first floor. Walk up the stairs to the 4th? floor. I recommend their mini sliders. They have good meat and they make their […]

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Beef O’Clock Menu

        Directions to Beer O’Clock: Head to exit 1 of Shinchon station and turn right at Natuur, head down the street, over the intersection, past 7-11, count three alleyways and turn left opposite the Blue Lion Casual Pub Sign into an alleyway with a distinctive traditional house on the corner. Beer O’ […]

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