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Tomatillo Ho-down

On August 22, 2009 Tomatillo Restaurant in Seoul opened their 3rd restaurant. They threw a Mexican Fiesta to celebrate. You can find Tomatillo at the Gangnam Fiance Center: Yeoksam Station Exit 2.

The amazing thing about Tomatillo is that they do all of their advertising through the Internet and Facebook. See…Point to Point Marketing works.


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  1. Pamela says:

    Cool stuff, Dan! I knew they had their place down near Jongno but now they're over on this side of the river! Hooray!

  2. Steve Ward says:

    Cool video!

  3. The Big Taco says:

    Nice Work, Dan…Really Appreciate the effort in making that vid. I got a big TACO with your name on it waiting for ya!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I made the pilgrimage down to COEX last weekend and checked out Tomatillo. I am Mexican and I'm sorry but this is a huge miss. It was good tasting food, but in no way authentic. A tratar otra vez, no?