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Tuesday is 2 for 1 Fish and Chips Night at the Wolfhound!

Tuesday means 2-for-1 fish n chips at the Wolfhound.

Picture Via Noodle Pie

The chips and the fish are great with malt vinegar and a cold pint.

Directions: Itaewon Station, exit 4.  Walk back to the main intersection.  Take a right towards Chef Meili.  Take the next street to the right and go down the hill.  It’s on the second floor on the right.

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Go to Zenkimchi Dining for a write up:

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  1. Must Love Movies says:

    yummy let me see if i can find someone to go with me.

  2. Must Love Movies says:

    can i get directions?

  3. Jiny says:

    the fish and chips are great for korea – I've had them last sunday; but the vinegar they serve there is most certainly NOT malt vinegar… which is rather sad.
    on a different note, the chips are very hesitantly seasoned potato wedges (not bad, but I've had better), doused in ketchup or mayo they're fine, but they definitely could use more salt.

    still, i'll probably be back next week, as they're also serving snake bite & black :D