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Your Opinion Please: Which Title do you like?

I am finishing up work on an illustrated guide for Korean food and I need a title. Which one do you think I should choose?

“How to Eat Korean Food”
“Korean Food: An Illustrated “How to”
“An Illustrated Guide on How to Eat Korean Food”
“An Illustrated “How-to-Eat” Korean Food Guide
“Korean Food Comic” 
“A Picture Guide to Eat Korean Food”



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  1. ShinMiRyeo says:

    hi, Dan, Look forward to reading it/looking at the pics! congrats.

    i vote for simple:

    "How to Eat Korean Food"

    and let the cover tell people it's a picture book. ^^

  2. ShinMiRyeo says:

    PS somehow it is IDing me by my hanguk ireum which is ok, but just fyi, it's paula here. ^^

  3. Bravo says:

    How to Eat Korean Food

  4. Phoenixstorm says:

    I vote for "Eat it!"

  5. A says:

    A Picture Guide for Proper Korean Etiquette.

    How to Eat: Korean Style

    How to Survive: Korean Style Eating

    or simply: How to Eat Korean Food


  6. Hummingbird Appetite says:

    I vote for: How to eat Korean food.

  7. Roboseyo says:

    I think "how to eat korean food" is too obvious – put it in your mouth, chew 22 times, swallow.

    I nominate "How to Enjoy Korean Food"