Daytona...the queer race that America Adores

JG24Drive45n06: dumbass
deconstructacon: fuck off doucheface
JG24Drive45n06: so i'm thinking about going to florida to do an
JG24Drive45n06: for next summer
JG24Drive45n06: i don't know if i could just pick up and leave like
that though
deconstructacon: do'll be good for you...this area sucks ass
JG24Drive45n06: yeah but how do you just move away from everyone you
JG24Drive45n06: that sucks
deconstructacon: they're going to do it eventually
deconstructacon: it's a part of life and growing up
deconstructacon: at least you'll be doing what you want and you'll be
JG24Drive45n06: yeah but they don't intend on moving to a completely
different region
JG24Drive45n06: yeah but you know i don't like people
deconstructacon: you could move to the country...with all the pigs
and chickens
JG24Drive45n06: i would have to move to daytona
JG24Drive45n06: and i don't like hot weather
JG24Drive45n06: it's either that or NYC
JG24Drive45n06: and i really don't like the city either
deconstructacon: trust me...delaware and PA will get old...
JG24Drive45n06: it's not moving that bothers it
JG24Drive45n06: it's moving far away
deconstructacon: moving close or far, it's all the same
deconstructacon: I think....look, most of your friends are going to
get jobs and move on
deconstructacon: they're not going to stay in the area forever
deconstructacon: my friends who've stayed in the area hate themselves
and wish they did something with their lives
deconstructacon: it's the economics of life
deconstructacon: might be able to drive one of those fancy
cars one day
deconstructacon: and you wouldn't get a ticket doing it
deconstructacon: I'm starting to like James Blunt...his music is
pretty good
JG24Drive45n06: meh
deconstructacon: I'm just trying to drink enough until I pass out
JG24Drive45n06: what are you drinking?
deconstructacon: whiskey
deconstructacon: only one
JG24Drive45n06: jimmie johnson's qualifying run was dq'ed
deconstructacon: what's dq'ed
deconstructacon: disqualified
deconstructacon: ok
deconstructacon: why because he ate too many sausages?
JG24Drive45n06: no
JG24Drive45n06: b/c he supposedly ran with illegal quarterpanel
window measurements
deconstructacon: So his jimmy wasn't up to the required johnson length?
deconstructacon: heheh
JG24Drive45n06: this is bad
JG24Drive45n06: johnson and gordon are on the same team and now
johnson has to start at the rear of the field
JG24Drive45n06: so they can't draft with each other
JG24Drive45n06: drafting is a very important element of restrictor
plate racing
JG24Drive45n06: take notes, i'm schooling you in the art of nascar
deconstructacon: so jimmy was going to dock his johnson on Gordon's
ass dock?
JG24Drive45n06: more or less
deconstructacon: this is really gay
deconstructacon: so is Gordon the bottom or the top?
JG24Drive45n06: gordon's starting on the pole for the second gatorade
duel and on the outside pole for the 500
deconstructacon: HE'S STARTING ON THE POLE!!!!!!!!
deconstructacon: hahaha
deconstructacon: is the outside pole for the 500 like a gang bang thing?
JG24Drive45n06: the daytona 500 retard
JG24Drive45n06: starting on the pole means you are starting first in
the field
deconstructacon: The daytona 500 pole position gang bang with jimmy
johnsoning gordon's dock
JG24Drive45n06: well johnson won't be docking on anything unless he
does well in the first gatorade duel
deconstructacon: so if they start first does that mean they get the
most cock?
deconstructacon: hahahah
JG24Drive45n06: no...everyone is pretty much ramming the shit outta
everyone else
deconstructacon: gatorage duel! this is so is Nascar like
a Greek thing?
deconstructacon: wow...I've gotta tell Henry about this shite
deconstructacon: he's probably already creaming his ass dock
JG24Drive45n06: weirdo
deconstructacon: so...why do you want to work for all these guy? I
mean it sounds like
deconstructacon: would you be like the head lubricant?
JG24Drive45n06: information technology you butthead
deconstructacon: so you would give them information and the
technology so they know which butts they can dock and butt right?
JG24Drive45n06: no
deconstructacon: Wow...before tonight I thought all they did was
drive around in a circle. I sure have become edjumacated tonight
JG24Drive45n06: when they bump draft, or as you like to call it, ass
dock, each other they go faster
JG24Drive45n06: 2 or more cars together move faster than one
JG24Drive45n06: haven't you ever seen that movie days of thunder?
deconstructacon: so when the come together they REALLY CUM
deconstructacon: oh, days of thunder is your argument
deconstructacon: everyone knows that Tom Cruise is gay
JG24Drive45n06: you are gay
deconstructacon: nope...tom gay, you know he's in Mission
JG24Drive45n06: in the race yesterday the last place car won 30 grand
JG24Drive45n06: there are lots of people that don't make 30 grand in
a year
deconstructacon: penises?
deconstructacon: I do!
JG24Drive45n06: ok well the first place car made 212 grand
JG24Drive45n06: for 2 hours of driving
JG24Drive45n06: that's insane!
deconstructacon: I don't make that 
deconstructacon: yeah and they get pleasured the whole time for it!
JG24Drive45n06: not the whole time
JG24Drive45n06: yesterday a car "ass docked" someone else and caused
a wreck
deconstructacon: well I guess they have to take for some of the time
deconstructacon: you can't always give it right.
JG24Drive45n06: a wreck gordon got caught up in and he wasn't even
ass docking anyone at that time
deconstructacon: if someone gets their penis wrecked, can they play
again? can they fix it in the pit?
deconstructacon: oh, the pit dudes, how do they fix the penis?
JG24Drive45n06: it depends on what's wrong with it
deconstructacon: are they all like trained gynocologist and shit?
JG24Drive45n06: sometimes they gotta bang out the shaft lololol
deconstructacon: or penalcologist
deconstructacon: hahahah
deconstructacon: or lube the nuts
JG24Drive45n06: no none of that
JG24Drive45n06: oh hey guess what
deconstructacon: what?
JG24Drive45n06: remember that offshoring paper i was asking you about?
deconstructacon: yeah
JG24Drive45n06: turns out my teacher guy really liked it and wants to
use it as an example in class
deconstructacon: great
deconstructacon: what did you say?
JG24Drive45n06: i could send it to you
deconstructacon: ok
deconstructacon: dude, just e-mail it, it's going to take like 10 years
JG24Drive45n06: no it's not
JG24Drive45n06: it's only a word document
deconstructacon: but this program doesn't work well
JG24Drive45n06: just do it
deconstructacon: I did and it says connecting to User to Start Transfer
deconstructacon: hey you know what you should learn?
JG24Drive45n06: do you like chicken wings?
deconstructacon: yeah!
JG24Drive45n06: what should i learn?
deconstructacon: Flash
deconstructacon: it's the future
JG24Drive45n06: wanna come over to watch the daytona 500?
deconstructacon: when?
JG24Drive45n06: i'm not going to be a programmer
JG24Drive45n06: sunday
deconstructacon: cool
deconstructacon: what are you going to be?
JG24Drive45n06: and information technologist
deconstructacon: so hardware?
JG24Drive45n06: i fix things and help people make things work
deconstructacon: yeah, but flash is easy and you could make really
good money from it.
deconstructacon: go's funny
JG24Drive45n06: i don't really like coding
JG24Drive45n06: the 500 is on sunday
JG24Drive45n06: i work sunday morning until like noon
deconstructacon: ok. I'll be there. should I bring anything?
JG24Drive45n06: beer
deconstructacon: kewl
JG24Drive45n06: it's like a 4 hour race so i hope you're prepared
deconstructacon: 4 hours! so lots of beer
JG24Drive45n06: i'm not going to my 2 o'clock class on thursday cuz
i'm watching racing
JG24Drive45n06: tis funny

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