Before jumping on that Crowded Subway Car

Sometimes it is better to just wait for the next train. Take this morning, I was rushing to get to the subway platform and there were just loads of people. I could see it. Elbows were at the ready and when the doors opened, people were pushing their way out as others were pushing their way in. It looked like pornographic gangbang, or I would imagine for I have never seen those things. Anyway, it was horrific and I could see the anger. There were red-eyed subway riders pissed off from their morning commute about to start their days all pissed off. I could have pushed my way into that mess just before the doors closed. Just not today. I decided to wait the two minutes for the next train and I feel calm, collected and ready to tackle my day. I might even be able to grab a seat and take a nap. It's much better than smelling the shampoo and cologne of a fellow anchovy in a subway tin. So. I implore you. Sometimes, for your state of mind, it is better to wait. 


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