Non-woven Filter Materials for n95 masks

Melt Blown Material BFE 99 PFE99 for n95 masks

Really good melt blown extrusion machines cost 30-40 million dollars and are nearly 4 stories high and several hundred meters long. Think about it. A roll is 2000 meters long. A small machine can't make those rolls. The melt blown strands need to be blown, treated and then rolled. If someone says you can buy a Melt Blown production machine for $200,000 dollars then you should question the quality you will get. A ton of melt blown can cost 25-70,000 dollars. Do you think a machine that only costs $200,000 can make quality filter material? Our Aquaspun melt blown material is made on German-made extrusion machines that hydrobond the 10x smaller than hair stands of 100% virgin polypropylene. AND SERIOUSLY, don't buy melt blown that costs more than $35 USD. Even with supply and demand, it shouldn't be that much. ALSO, really look and distinguish if it is good melt blown material. Contact me at for more information. #meltblown #nonwovens #filter #surgicalmasks #n95 #niosh #gsm #bfe99 #pfe99 #coronaviruschina #coronavirusupdate #coronavirususa #coronavirususa #medicalsupplies #facemasks #medicalequipment #medicaldevices #quality #haircare #filters #machine #manufacturing

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